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Webster Bank Customer Review

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meehow01gmailcom's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by meehow01gmailcom

Jan 9th 2013

Worst bank ever.

I've been with Webster Bank since for probably 18 years(about the time they took over Derby Savings bank). They started out as a very consumer focused bank looking to provide the best service and reaching out to the needs of their customers. Over the years it has become nothing but a money hungry corporate machine. The tellers in their branches are friendly(for the most part), but it is the overall institution that has become disconnected with their clientele. They are not flexible, they do not care about your needs, they WILL not go above and beyond for you in any situation. It is all about them and their bottom line. They can care less about you and your money. Believe me. If you open an account here, you'll be sorry you ever did. I've deposited millions of dollars in the past few years and they could care less. They treat me like bum on the street. No exaggeration. I will be moving all my funds to another bank and closing all accounts.

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Response by Webster Bank

Responded by Dawn

Jan 25th 2013

Hello Meehow,

We sent you an email to connect offline on January 11th, and would like to learn more about your experiences and how we can improve. We've recently made some changes to ensure an excellent customer experience across all touch points, and would value your feedback.

Thank you,


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low's Profile Image

Reviewed by low

Apr 11th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


My home was compromised and they said they put a freeze on the account -- this was not the case and they kept manualing putting in my deposits. They had me on hold for at least 30 minutes and had no explanation. I am closing all accounts as is my employer.

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Response by Webster Bank

Responded by Dawn

Apr 15th 2014

Hello - could you email us your phone number so we can give you a call? You can email us at socialmedia@websterbank.com


Dawn M.

Webster Bank, Social Media

michael333's Profile Image

Reviewed by michael333

Apr 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Webster - Big bank taking advantage of small consumers

A Webster Bank check that I was supposed to receive was stolen and deposited at another bank by an unknown criminal that forged my signature on the check.

On March 28, 2014 I visited Webster Bank in Plainville CT to assist in this matter. The branch manager wanted me to sign an affidavit stating I would be responsible for any expenses or losses Webster incurs while investigating the stolen check. This is not acceptable as I cannot indemnify Webster Bank. Webster's expenses could far exceed the value of the check and I would end up paying Webster bank more than the check is worth.

Four people from Webster have called me stating that the bank probably will not charge me anything but nobody at Webster is willing to put these words in writing. Webster will not put a cap on these potential expenses either.

I would like to resolve this issue by taking exception to the indemnification language on the loss affidavit. I will then sign the form which can be forwarded to the other bank that unlawfully deposited my check. It's that simple. Other local banks I have researched do not have this language on their loss affidavit forms. Just another way Webster bank is taking advantage of the small consumer.

The criminal that stole my check will get to keep all of my money because Webster is more interested in charging people fees.

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