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Wells Fargo Customer Review

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ChristopherJo's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by ChristopherJo

Nov 27th 2012

Broken transfer system for over a month caused overdraft fees on my secondary bank account, no refunds.

I wanted to transfer money from my Wells Fargo (WF) account to my PNC bank account, so I set up online transfers on October 13th, 2012. They told me that they would make small deposits to my PNC account, and I would have to verify the amounts before being able to make a transfer. When I did, the WF website showed me an error message, saying my account had been locked, and I would need to call customer service to have the issue resolved. Weird, but whatever. Then, during the span of about a month, I called five times to get the issue resolved, but each time I was put on hold for excessive amounts of time, told a representative would call me back, which never happened, or simply got an answer that it was not possible to fix the issue at the time. Because WF and PNC are my only two bank accounts, and WF is the one where my paychecks are deposited directly, I had no way to deposit money into my PNC account to cover the charges. There is a PNC branch in San Francisco, which is the nearest one to my house, but I wasn't willing to make a 2-hour round trip just to deposit some money. I incurred overdraft charges on my PNC account when the bills were charged. That, although slightly annoying, was okay. Then, on November 7th, WF was finally able to fix my issue (after being put on hold for close to an hour) and said they wiped my PNC account from my WF account, I will be able to newly set up a PNC account to transfer money to. Problem is, when I went to set up my PNC account again, WF once again made trial deposits to my PNC account, and withdrew the deposits, which incurred another overdraft fee on my account. I was extremely displeased with the whole process, and the extra overdraft charge was just rubbing salt in the wound. I called to have the fee refunded, to which I received a 'no,' then went to a local WF branch to have a representative there call WF headquarters for me, and help me file a complaint. Once the complaint was filed, They responded with a 'no.'

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CoreyRamsey's Profile Image

Reviewed by CoreyRamsey

Apr 17th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Fee for this, charge for that!

I find charging my bank account every month a joke!!! And on top of that ,you charge when I transfer my money to other accounts , not associated with "Wells Fargo". Then when it comes to my account number; I have to either call or luckily have an old statement with an account number on it, to get my account number. For some reason after all the security I go through signing on, I can't see my full account number ... I needed it to set up a payment, because if I tried to send it out that day using your bill pay, you charge a fee!!!! It's insane!!!! Navy federal is my other bank, and I've been out of the military for over two years now. I still have it because having Wells Fargo ( only because I have a school loan still) is a pain in my butt. And for some reason my tax lady sent my taxes to that account. Navy federal doesn't charge me for having an account, I can see my full account number!!!...they don't charge me for fruitless bill pay payments being sent out that day, either. Anyway, thanks for making life more trouble some than it should be!

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stephquit's Profile Image

Reviewed by stephquit

Apr 16th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


I opened a loan with Wells Fargo a little over 6 months ago.

It has been a nightmare experience from the beginning; my gut told me not get the loan through them when they couldn't even tell me if there was a fee for paying it off early. However, long story short, I did.

First, they made me open a checking AND savings account with them. When I asked about monthly fees, I was told that if I connected my loan with the checking account, all my fees would be waived. I also setup the loan to be automatically drafted out of my checking account they made me open with more than the minimum payment.

Each month since I opened it, the auto-draft has not occurred. The first couple of months I called to address the issue, they said it may take a few months to "kick in". When I asked them if they could double-check to make sure it had actually gotten setup, I was told they could not see that information. After that didn't work, I was told I had to go in to sign a paper to setup auto-draft, even though I had done that when I got the loan, so I went into a branch to setup the payment AGAIN. That was two months ago & it still is not auto-drafting.

Then, on top of that whole mess, they are charging me a monthly service fee. They charge me at the end of the month & then reverse it at the beginning of the next month. Weird? Yes. But, whatever. NOW, this month they charged me the fee, but didn't reverse it. I called to address THIS issue, and they told me they didn't know how I was getting it reversed, but they couldn't do it anymore.

Wells Fargo has been a huge headache from the start. I tell everyone not to bank with them. This loan can not get paid off fast enough...

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