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Wells Fargo Customer Review

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marv429's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by marv429

Aug 6th 2012

Can't get worse. Customer service is non-existent, they just don't care.

Since my account was taken over from Wachovia, I spent hours on the phone trying to correct their constant mistakes. You get excuses, occassional I'm sorry but no corrections unless you contact the corporate office directly (if you can get through.) The local offices try to help but have no authority. On a scale of 1-10 it's a zero! Customer service staff is rude and poorly trained. Account mistakes occur almost every month. On one occassion a checking account was opened in my name without my approval authorization or signature. It took three months to undue the damage although they admitted it was their fault. Promises are broken as quickly as they are made. My account was charged fees which were incorrect and again three months to remove them. I cringe each time I receive a statement knowing that if there is an error (and there often is) I will spend hours on the phone with rude "supervisors" before any action is taken to resolve it.

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Other Wells Fargo Reviews

vaughaj's Profile Image

Reviewed by vaughaj

Apr 8th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Dont bank with WellsFargo

They messed up my account and instead of posting a withdrawal correctly, they credited my account. The manager assured me it would be corrected and 20 days later I get a call from an auditor stating it is my fault and am overdrawn $2500.00. Went in to talk they said my account is ok and next day im still overdrawn my check direct deposit will be taken. There was no accountability for their mistake.

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tiredofbanks's Profile Image

Reviewed by tiredofbanks

Apr 3rd 2015

1 out of 5 marks

banks in general

I think it's time we make the banks feel like they need us instead of the banks telling us how things are going to be.They give us VERY little interest money unless you are one of the few that has millions in the bank. Yet, they are the first to punish you, and with a big number for an overdraft of $0.02 . And they take their money first before they pay for they check amount. Another thing, which should be considered collusion is the cost of cashing a check written from say Chase bank, at a Chase bank just because you don't have an account with them. I am self employed, barely making enough to live, and yet I go to a branch to cash my wage check and they want to take my hard earned money because I don't have an account with them.How many different bank chains are there that I would have to have? If I deposit it in my bank account I may not have access to it for a week or more. I may need it the same day to buy materials for the next job. Do they care? Not on your life. But boy, over shoot the amount in your account and be prepared to be chastised! I say enough! I refuse to bow down to their dictatorship and collusion with all other banks and the way they believe they OWN US.

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