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Wells Fargo Customer Review

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whaleyf's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by whaleyf

Nov 16th 2012

Fustration over bounced check that was their fault.

I'm in the process of changing my bank over to USAA. I have a home mortgage with Wells Fargo. I called them to make sure my payments would come out of the USAA bank instead of my Wells Fargo checking account. When she changed the routing number she put back the Wells Fargo routing number instead of the new one from USAA. When they took the payment out of Wells Fargo it bounced because there wasn't enough funds in there to cover it. I get an e-mail each morning telling me of my bank balance and realized we had a problem right away. I was at the bank when it opened and put enough money in the account to cover the check. I then talked to the bank manager to tell him what happened. That evening I noticed they had refunded the money for the mortgage payment and charged me a $35.00 fee for the bounced check. I called them and let them know that it was their fault it bounced and I wasn't going to pay the fee. The lady got really nasty, pretty much said I'd have to prove it was their fault but SHE would put a claim in for me. I also told her to stop any more payments on the mortgage (I knew they would try to draft the money twice more) because I'd be paying it through USAA. She told me she would take care of it. I stopped by the bank the next day to make sure she had stopped payment. She hadn't. So took care of it while at the bank. Today I called them to find out where my $35.00 refund was. Turns out the woman hadn't put in a refund claim. So I managed to finally get them to do that.

If you are looking for a new bank run as far away from this bank as you can get. Their service is horrible.

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stephquit's Profile Image

Reviewed by stephquit

Apr 16th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


I opened a loan with Wells Fargo a little over 6 months ago.

It has been a nightmare experience from the beginning; my gut told me not get the loan through them when they couldn't even tell me if there was a fee for paying it off early. However, long story short, I did.

First, they made me open a checking AND savings account with them. When I asked about monthly fees, I was told that if I connected my loan with the checking account, all my fees would be waived. I also setup the loan to be automatically drafted out of my checking account they made me open with more than the minimum payment.

Each month since I opened it, the auto-draft has not occurred. The first couple of months I called to address the issue, they said it may take a few months to "kick in". When I asked them if they could double-check to make sure it had actually gotten setup, I was told they could not see that information. After that didn't work, I was told I had to go in to sign a paper to setup auto-draft, even though I had done that when I got the loan, so I went into a branch to setup the payment AGAIN. That was two months ago & it still is not auto-drafting.

Then, on top of that whole mess, they are charging me a monthly service fee. They charge me at the end of the month & then reverse it at the beginning of the next month. Weird? Yes. But, whatever. NOW, this month they charged me the fee, but didn't reverse it. I called to address THIS issue, and they told me they didn't know how I was getting it reversed, but they couldn't do it anymore.

Wells Fargo has been a huge headache from the start. I tell everyone not to bank with them. This loan can not get paid off fast enough...

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BoycottWellsFargo's Profile Image

Reviewed by BoycottWellsFargo

Apr 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

New terms, notice buried in boilerplate, fee charged, refused to reverse

I have had an account with Wells Fargo since they acquired Wachovia and my account at Wachovia. Recently they doubled their minimum daily account balance requirement on my grandfathered account. Notice of the change was buried in their terms and conditions. I did not receive an email or letter stating: Notice. Your Minimum Daily Account Balance has been doubled.

I dipped $10 below the new minimum daily account balance for a few days, and Wells Fargo assessed a $12 fee. I called their customer service number to request that the fee be reversed, since it was unfair to apply it without an obvious notice. The person with whom I spoke was a nasty, argumentative man. He said that the new minimum daily balance was in the terms on my account statement, that I had proper notice, and that he would not reverse the fee.

I also have accounts at Chase and Charles Schwab Bank. Charles Schwab has the best bank by far, with the fewest fees and hidden charges. Chase may not have the best terms, but their customer service is excellent. Wells Fargo is the worst of the three with terrible terms and terrible customer service -- but it is by far the most profitable for shareholders. (As a European visitor asked in the 1920s when seeing the lavish yachts of the leading Wall Street bankers, "Where are the customers's yachts?")

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