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Wells Fargo Customer Review

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iJaysonJohnson's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by iJaysonJohnson

Jun 18th 2012

Horrible, by far the worst bank I've ever dealt with in my living experience.

They charge you for any and everything, it is obvious they are only looking out for themselves in this equation. I've never dealt with a bank that would still take money out for an automatic payment when it's already been dealt manually. The Customer Service is poor if you're not dealing with them face to face. I honestly don't see this bank lasting long if they continue to treat their customers like this...

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mpowers's Profile Image

Reviewed by mpowers

Sep 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Stay Away From Wells Fargo

I've had an extremely frustrating experience w WF. My brother passed away in june & i've been handling his estate. Even though i informed wf of this, they "winterized" the home the 2nd week of september! They claim it was because 2-3 months of payments had not been received (after years of no late payments). While they fall back on federal law giving them this "right," why could they not have reached out to at least the attorney of record for the estate prior to taking this action?

Sounds too logical to me. When i asked them what "winterization" consisted of, because we obviously needed to reverse the process since the sale of the house was imminent, they promised the appropriate department would be in contact. Still no contact with the closing scheduled for tomorrow. Based upon my experience, i would strongly recommend staying far away from wells fargo. I can't recall when i've been this frustrated.

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Nicole's Profile Image

Reviewed by Nicole

Sep 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Sneaky Fees

I have been bank with wellsfargo for more than 14 years, have more than 20k in my checking and at least $1000 monthly direct deposit. However, i notice they charge me about $10 every month for monthly service fees. When i asked them why, they said because i didn't use my credit card and debit card link to the account for more than 6 months, so wellsfargo cancel my credit and debit cards to "protect" me from theft.

Plus, cancel without notify me! As a result i only have my saving account link to the checking account, thus accumulate a monthly charge. They told me that since this isn't wellsfargo's fault, so the fees won't be reversed. I don't need them to charge me fees when i only give them money every month. So i decided to close my account. Guess what, the banker told me she would have to charge me a cashier's check fee to close my account, because they don't have enough cash in the branch to give it to me!

Or i can go to another branch and close my account there. As a bank, they don't have 20k in cash! And they want to charge me money even when i exit, it is my money, i shouldn't need to pay a fee to get them back! No one should bank with wellsfargo!

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