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Woodforest National Bank Customer Review

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vfevans's Profile Image

5 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by vfevans

Dec 29th 2011

Absolute the Best Bank Staff

I did not open my acct as a 2nd chance - I opened my accts because of the convenience of bank'ng hrs. I opened my accts w/a $50 dep + a sign up bonus, which I did receive. During my tenure w/Woodforest, the staff "knows" me - I mean they KNOW me! Of the original staff, 2 are left, but I can call my branch, talk to 1 of the 2 and get things handled. I ordered cks one time and there was a major mistake -- I called, staff took care of it and w/in a wk I had new cks that were correct. Like others, I keep track of what I spend via online, the hrs are wonderful (wish they would go bk to the org hrs, but I'm okay w/the new hrs), the staff is always courteous. I have and would recommend Woodforest to others. Re: bank rates/fees - in line w/other banks.

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Other Woodforest National Bank Reviews

chap69's Profile Image

Reviewed by chap69

May 25th 2015

1 out of 5 marks


Worst bank ever!! Dont even want to give them a whole star rating let alone a half star. But since I have to give them a star one is plenty sufficient even though they deserve 0 stars!! The staff are lazy and unwilling to help in most situations. Try to charge bogus fees then can't explain what they are. Absolute worst bank I've ever seen or dealt with. I wished I would've paid more attention to the reviews and saved my time, & MONEY. Keep your money and go elsewhere because in the end you'll regret banking with any Woodforest Banks. Guess there's a reason they don't have actual branches of banks except in local wal marts. Worst ever!!

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xcaliber712's Profile Image

Reviewed by xcaliber712

May 29th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Bank Ever !

Went to this bank and the tellers attitude was rude and un professional, I'm surprised she works in a customer service environment. I had asked her to please verify the name on the account to whom I was depositing to and she came back to tell me I should know who I'm sending money to in a bad rude tone. I don't bank here and I'm glad I don't.

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