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Woodforest National Bank Customer Review

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hqnp43's Profile Image

5 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by hqnp43

Sep 20th 2011

Excellent; Good Personal Attention.

Called on my business and then really took good care of me after i switched my banking to them. Have been with them since 1990.

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Other Woodforest National Bank Reviews

kewitte's Profile Image

Reviewed by kewitte

Dec 11th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Dispute process a joke. WOODFORESTand WALMART STOLE MY MONEY

I went to Walmart and spent $106.53. The self service computer stuck on "processing transaction" so the CSM took me to the podium style computer and re-rang my purchases. Again the computer stuck on "processing transaction." I walked across the aisle to my Woodforest branch and took out cash(120.00) to pay for my goods. The Woodforest teller had already been observing the issue and we talked a moment about the incident (this is a small town and the teller knows me). She watched me walk back across the aisle and pay for my purchases in cash. She also heard me verify with the CSM that the transaction did not go through and my debit card would not be charged. The next morning the charge showed up on my statement! The CSM was wrong. I went back to the branch with my receipt and I filled out a dispute form. The same teller was working and made a copy of my receipt. She attached the copy to the form and submitted the dispute. She also credited my account for the amount in dispute because she had seen and heard what happened. This occurred a day before or after 10/28/14. On 12/09/14, Woodforest reversed the credit and took the money out. I called customer service and after nearly a half hour, was told that because my pin was entered, the dispute department had determined that the transaction was valid and Walmart was going to get the $106.53. The same $106.53 that I had paid in cash. WOODFOREST OBVIOUSLY DOES NOT PROTECT THEIR CUSTOMERS. Nor can they read a receipt showing a CASH payment. According to customer service Walmart produced a receipt showing the transaction completed. Rather than prove to Walmart that the charge was in error, Woodforest chose to take my money. Better to stick a knife in the back of a customer than annoy Walmart, right?

I was told by customer service that I could re-dispute the transaction if I wasn't satisfied. REALLY? YOU STOLE MY MONEY! How about I file a formal complaint with the Attorney General's office in Austin, Texas instead?

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Response by Woodforest National Bank

Responded by WNBCustomerService

Dec 15th 2014

Woodforest National Bank is dedicated to providing quality customer service and we would appreciate the opportunity to speak directly with you. Please contact your local branch or our Customer Care department toll free at 1-877-968-7962 or email CustomerAdvocacy@woodforest.com.

kewitte's Profile Image

Responded by kewitte

Dec 15th 2014

UPDATE.....I went to the branch and was informed by the teller that she had spoken with the dispute department herself and she was instructed to tell me that I had to take the issue up with Walmart. As is turns out, when Walmart accounting department reviewed my bank statements and the same receipt that I had presented to Woodforest showing the CASH payment, Walmart immediately recognized the error and refunded my money, in cash.

As I previously stated, Woodforest's dispute process is a joke and Woodforest does not protect or support its customers. They leave you hanging out there to take care of issues by yourself.

Having said all this, I have to thank the teller that went to the mat for me. I have had issues with Woodforest in the past but I continued to be a customer because of the branch personnel. They do everything within their power to assist the customer. For the time being I will remain a Woodforest customer, but only because of the branch staff.

tiffanyrenee's Profile Image

Reviewed by tiffanyrenee

Feb 14th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Great Customer Service; Great Experience for Every Visit.

I banked with wells Fargo before it was wells Fargo, it was Wachovia back then. From 2008-2013 NONE of the tellers took the time to remember regulars. The moment I made the switch to Woodforest I felt like family. The tellers may not know me by name but they know my face. They ask about my day and I know at least one on a personal level. ( I know about her family, she knows about mine; we swapped funny stories during my account setup).

At any other bank, most tellers hate to see you coming. At woodforest they welcome you. I feel comfortable with woodforest. When I have questions about my account I dont have to go to a branch and ask those questions, I dont even have to call customer service and wait for hours for a quick quick answer, I call the branch directly and talk to a person who pulls up my account, looks at my name, and remembers who I am. I'm not a business transaction, I have a friend on the other side of the counter, is how I feel everytime I set foot on that little kiosk. :)

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Response by Woodforest National Bank

Responded by WNBCustomerService

Apr 23rd 2014

Woodforest is dedicated to providing quality customer service and appreciate your feedback. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experience with others. On behalf of everyone at Woodforest, we appreciate your kind comments regarding the service received from our team members. We look forward to serving your future banking needs.

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