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Woodforest National Bank Customer Review

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79190tj5's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by 79190tj5

Apr 2nd 2012

Not good at all!

I opened a bank account with them a little over a month ago.. they sent me my first debit card witch cost me 15 dollars i didn't get it so i reported it lost/stolen. i went to the branch in lakeworth and they where extremely rude to me. when i got a business card for the branch manager the teller's response "nothing will happen to me" i was in shock! i requested another debit card, and i gave them my physical address and never got my debit card after i waited another 2 weeks, called customer service and the address was a different one than the address i gave the lady.

im guessing they just really didn't like me since i called the manger (witch never returned my calls)...today i went to cancel my account and they seemed almost pleased with my decision. Than the teller told me it would cost me 25 dollars to close the account. this branch is one of the worst i have ever bank/been to....think twice before you bank wood forest and the customer service sucked!

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Other Woodforest National Bank Reviews

Shaycolm's Profile Image

Reviewed by Shaycolm

Mar 24th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Love this bank, located in SWVA

I was previously with Wells Fargo, formally known as Wachovia, prior to this, First Union-for about 10 years. This used to be an amazing bank til everything turned to them making money and having hidden fees etc... The same issue with BB&T. The Woodforest bank located in Southwest Virginia, is excellent. The representatives are always helpful and courteous. The only downfall is the customer service that is outsourced. I had a HUGE issue a few months back and the cust service reps, as well as the manager, I spoke to seemed very confused and lost when everything was "notated"... Bummer... Anywho, went by my local branch and the manager fixed everything in about 2 secs. She has always been excellent, as well as, the rest of the branch. I have always had excellent service through the Norton, Va branch whether it be by phone or in person. You all are fantastic!

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Prestige1's Profile Image

Reviewed by Prestige1

Mar 17th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Joke for a Bank!!! ALL branches in Ft. Wayne, IN

This Bank has caused me so many problems. I opened a business account with them a few months ago and it has been very unpleasant. The entire process of even opening the account was a huge hassle. They never answer the phone when i try to call and have put a hold on every check I have tried to deposit. I'm pretty sure Walmart does a better job at hiring employees than the bank that's in it. Save yourself some trouble and go to a REAL bank. I feel like an idiot for banking at walmart in the first place.

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