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Able Banking Customer Review

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mat's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by mat

Jun 28th 2012

Shady Service

Last week, the minimum amount to open a MM account was $250. This week, it's $1,000. Even though I got the invitation when the minimum was $250, They still insisted that I put $1,000 in if I wanted to open an account.

You'd think a bank (even if they just opened) would get their story straight if they wanted to get more customers, or at least accommodate those who were told one thing one week, then were told a total different story the week following.

No worries, AbleBank, there are many other banks around who know what they're doing and would love to help me manage my measly $800.

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Other Able Banking Reviews

jterrineyahoocom's Profile Image

Reviewed by jterrineyahoocom

Oct 8th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Almost Satisfactory Initial Web Chat Account Set up Inquiry

The agent was direct in responding to all of my inquiries, except when it concerned the full list of fees. A simple yes or no would have more than suffice. Certainly, it would have calm any lingering doubts.

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strobnm's Profile Image

Reviewed by strobnm

Oct 23rd 2012

4 out of 5 marks

Pretty Impressive So Far!

Shopped around for weeks. Came down to tiaadirect, bank of internet, americanexpress, and able bank. Ended up going with able bank and am quite happy so far. * best rates (excl tiaa which isn't accepting applications)

* socially responsible banking / good principles

* non-political banking. I'm tired of my money going to banks that pick candidates and lobby. I want them focused on my money and my community.

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