MyBankTracker is an independent resource that helps consumers make smarter banking and money decisions.

Established in 2008 during the height of the economic downturn, MyBankTracker fills a pressing need for an accurate, transparent and consistent source of banking information.

Our motto, “Build your finances, Rebuild the world,” describes our coverage of an array of topics that affect our financial lives, from banking fees to finance technology to planning for retirement.

MyBankTracker differs from other finance sites because it focuses on original opinion and analysis rather than news, allowing consumers to make informed choices. We believe in hitting the topics that matter most to your money and banking needs.

In addition to editorial content, MyBankTracker provides free rate and bank information to consumers on more than 7,000 banks and 30,000 financial products, including savings, checking, mortgage and general banking fees.

We also have our proprietary rating system, Bank Report Card, designed to help banking consumers understand if a particular U.S. commercial bank or savings institution is right for them.

MyBankTracker has become a leading source and authority in the personal-finance space, as seen by our extensive press coverage.

MyBankTracker welcomes reader comments, reviews, tips and suggestions.

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