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Harrisonburg Main Branch

250 Neff Avenue
Harrisonburg, VA, 22801

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SUN Closed
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Harrisonburg Main Customer Reviews

Lough8's Profile Image

Reviewed by Lough8

Nov 12th 2013

Local Management Has No Power to Make Decisions and Everyone Seems to be Afraid of Their Job

The employee turnaround is unusually high. New employees are so afraid to make any decisions that they call corporate headquarters for anything they do not feel comfortable about. This leads to impersonal decisions based on limited information, which then precipitates poor customer service.

The manager is unable to answer simple questions, and refuses to make decisions based on information that she has readily available to her, but is unwilling to take the time to investigate.

After more than a decade banking with this bank, I have been tempted to close my account on at least three separate occasions, but did not do so because of the hassle of setting up new direct deposits and online bill paying. However, I finally got fed up enough with the poor customer service to make the change, which takes a couple of months to complete due to Social Security demanding so much advance notice. But my new bank is such a great improvement that I am kicking myself for not making the change many years ago, when I first had the inclination.

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BB&T Customer Reviews

Lightworkx4's Profile Image

Reviewed by Lightworkx4

Apr 25th 2014

Dishonest and Very Illegal!

In 2011, my accounts were breached and my personal Statements were given to a 3rd party without any legal permission. This was done by an Executive Vice President of Commercial lending out of the Newport News Virginia office. I call it "The good old boys club!" Wait for it, because now 2 publishers from New York City are buying the rights to the book.

The FBI will be given all the data so be on the watch for this story through Reuters. This will make wonder how far the corruption in our banking system goes.

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Brian W's Profile Image

Reviewed by Brian W

Feb 24th 2012

Awful Banking Experience

Customer service is awful. Constantly making promises to call you back and never fall through. For the past two months every time I go to the drive-thru they are trying to sell me another product. I just want to get through the line and go.

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