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Sudley Road Branch

West Gate

7801 Sudley Road
Manassas, VA, 20109

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SUN Closed
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Sudley Road Customer Reviews

samf50's Profile Image

Reviewed by samf50

Dec 18th 2012

Worst Bank Ever! Watch what they call Line of Credit! Do not fall for the Trap!

I opened an account in 2008 with this bank in Lake Ridge, VA. to serve as a car payoff. In 2010, the bank decided that they should open a line of credit under my name without any permission.

After I paid off my car and closed my account, the so called line of credit kept being assessed fees and it ballooned to over $500.00

When I contacted the bank by phone to ask what this was, no one could tell me and they requested that I go to the bank where I opened my accounts.

There, a rude unprofessional manager told me that a Manager authorized the opening of the account two full years after the initial account was opened and in order for me to close it, I had to pay the $500 in fees.

Now what was that line of credit protecting if the checking account was already closed? Who gave this bank the right to open an account in a customer's name without any notification?

I was told it was my fault that I didn't report my dissatisfaction earlier and that these fees are there's to keep.

Watch out with this bank...Do not accept anything that you didn't ask for.

Needless to say, the Manager who authorized the opening of this account is no longer with the bank. Very convenient, don't you think.?

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BB&T Customer Reviews

tvlyonhouck's Profile Image

Reviewed by tvlyonhouck

Aug 25th 2014

So far great bank!

They bent over backwards to refi my house. Gave me a great deal. No one else would touch me. The personnel in this little branch are always very helpful. Haven't had any problems at all.

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Brian W's Profile Image

Reviewed by Brian W

Feb 24th 2012

Awful Banking Experience

Customer service is awful. Constantly making promises to call you back and never fall through. For the past two months every time I go to the drive-thru they are trying to sell me another product. I just want to get through the line and go.

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