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Cherry Creek Branch

East Neighborhood

101 Garfield Street
Denver, CO 80206

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SUN Closed
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Latest Customer Reviews

ggantos's Profile Image

Cherry Creek branch reviewed by ggantos

Nov 28th 2012

Horrible, Incompetent Employees Don't Take Responsibility For Their Mistakes

I put a hold, then stop payment on a check i issued to my contractor as final payment because i came home to find the job not complete to my standards and wanted to write a new check once the job was completed (i. E. The space between cabinets for my dishwasher was not sufficient and he needed to re-hang them). Two weeks later, after attempting to reach my contractor many times to return to fix his mistakes, i learned that bbva messed up by allowing my contractor to cash the check (they copped to this, thank you audio recordings).

Because it was their mistake and they verified that they would be unable to take the money out of the contractor's account, bbva credited my account by check's amount. I exclaimed that i could hire a new contractor to finish my job before thanksgiving with the newly credited amount. The rep verified that i should wait until i saw the money appear in my account. A weekend and a day later, i hired the new contractor as i verified the credit had appeared in my account. The same day my new contractor starts and finishes the job, my first contractor calls to tell me that my check has bounced and that he will take me to small claims court if he isn't paid.

Bbva tells me that attempting to recover their money is "an internal process" and the rep probably didn't know it was still possible when he told me it wasn't possible, thus the credit. They told me that i hired the second contractor under my own free will and that they are adhering to my original wishes. I acted based on the information they gave me and now i'll be in small claims court defending myself instead of moving on from an overall horrible experience. Multiple reps told me that i should shop around for better contractors and should not have paid the first contractor if the job wasn't complete.

That's what i was trying to do and would have done if bbva employees weren't so incompetent. I'm taking my business elsewhere - if anyone has suggestions, i'd love to hear them. Thanks,

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