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Heights Branch


204 West Nineteenth Street
Houston, TX, 77008

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SUN Closed
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Heights Customer Reviews

ChazU4ea's Profile Image

Reviewed by ChazU4ea

Jul 16th 2012

Service Has Declined Sharply In The Last Two Years.

The following are pretty compelling reasons that i am in the market for a new bank for my business.

1. Compass points program changes and problems. The program is essentially worthless based on changes in the fall of 2011. The program is now limited to a glorified advertising/referral program for vendors i don't use. Also, i’ve never received notice of expiring points from when the program was worth something. They might check with united airlines, but i don't think systematically diluting value from a customer loyalty program is advisable especially when it is this blatant.

2. Charges for phone transfers despite the fact they are never done correctly. I have watched this service decline over the last 24 months to the point that it is almost laughable. I could get in my car and drive the funds to the counterparty and avoid delays and follow up calls necessary to make certain the transfer was completed correctly. I also enjoy being chastised by a compass phone representative for using phone transfers as opposed to options i have already evaluated and found were not a good fit. Did i mention i pay for each transaction? That’s what i look for in a bank, condescending customer service. Compass might remind their customer service reps that i am revenue and they are expense.

3. Deactivation of business check card accounts for possible fraud and no attempt to contact the customer to let them know. It was nice of compass to shut down my business without notifying me. To add insult to injury, the security representative explains that i was not notified because they are shorthanded. She then tells me about the $50 fee to expedite my card replacement. I guess as long as they can shut down my business, they might as well gouge me with an outrageous replacement card fee since they know i have no other option. I guess i could let the fee slide if it supports the cost structure for their 24 hour check card support line, but they no longer have one. I think compass can do better, especially since t

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BBVA Compass Bank Customer Reviews

ERINC's Profile Image

Reviewed by ERINC

Mar 3rd 2012

Great Bank, Great People. All You Complainers Are Stupid

You people are ridiculous. You claim that they steal your money and screw you but if you followed the rules in the disclosures you received, your accounts would be just fine. And no they don't mess around with the system so you get overdraft fees... The system doesn't allow them to do that. That is all on you. And for those of you complaining about the fees and the recession, thats the frieken point!

We're in a recession so the fees are necessary for businesses to stay open! And no matter what bank you go to these days there are going to be fees. Plus, there are plenty of ways to avoid the fees, if you can't follow them then that's your own damn fault. You people are idiots.... No one is out to get you and your money, you just don't know how to follow the rules and procedures of the bank.

So you're the ignorant ones. Not the bank. I've worked for the company and i know that customers that get angry about fees and such are the ones that are the most ignorant and don't know jack about banking.

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zimbo523's Profile Image

Reviewed by zimbo523

Jan 19th 2012

Don't Go To Compass Bank

I was on hold working on a situation for two hours. Joey their cs guy hung up on. Not only that but you can't reach anyone after hours. Don't go or use compass banks. They don't give a rear end about you.

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