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Scottsdale Ranch Branch

Central Scottsdale Neighborhood

9333 North 90th Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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Branch Hours
SUN Closed
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Latest Customer Reviews

JAC1975's Profile Image

Scottsdale Ranch branch reviewed by JAC1975

Feb 15th 2014

The staff is great and personable. They answer you questions and understand what genuine customer service is.

Incredible service! I have always had a great experience with BMO! Even when I had had concerns or frustration , they walk me through with online banking and business accounting. The online banking is fantastic, because I can customize my bill pay and it also calculates my balances for the future. They also actually have LIVE bankers you can call in those late hours when you have a question. I have had to use Chase before for a Girl Scout account and it was awful. I was rerouted to messages in circles. You do not get rerouted when you call BMO. You get what you need. I also was with BMO when they were M&I bank. They are the same great people and Joy, Laura, Jennifer, and the Branch Manager are incredible. There is no other bank like this!

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notsure's Profile Image

Scottsdale Ranch branch reviewed by notsure

May 1st 2013

terrible! would not let me get coins!

So, i have a coin collection! the problem was i ask to but like 20 bucks in dimes and they said sure, but we need an account number, so sure i gave it to them, but then told me to f*** off! i don't even know why! they said they don't like customers who take there coins and started yelling at me in front of a line full of people. this is outrageous! I hope anyone out there who has an account with them will close it. Unless you want bad customer service! As for me i'm closing my account tomorrow.I will not accept this! at least i still have an account at wells fargo and pnc!

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