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3801 N.W. Cache Road Branch

3801 N.W. Cache Road
Lawton, OK 73505

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SUN Closed
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Bancfirst Customer Reviews

DeeMan's Profile Image

Reviewed by DeeMan

Sep 1st 2014

Great hometown bank

I really appreciate the folks at my bank. When I messed up recently they were helpful. Believe it or not they really seem to care. The BancFirst employees are very active in my community too.

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bacarip's Profile Image

Reviewed by bacarip

Apr 22nd 2012

Apparently Views Customers As Suckers To Rip Off.

First time in literally years, i received notice of insufficient funds, by a whopping $3. 00 on a $1300. 00 check, entirely my fault, so they charged me $30. 00 as a "service fee", making my account $33. 00 in the hole, but, my fault, so fair enough. Went the next day after receiving this notice, with $22,000. 00 in cashiers checks to deposit, and asked that they deposit $21,000. 00 of it and give me $1000. 00 back in cash.

Teller went to talk with someone, was gone for ten minutes, but he's got my $22000. 00 worth of checks, so what do you do but wait. When he returns, i am informed that because of the "status" of my account, not only will they not give me any cash on these cashiers checks, but they are putting a "hold" on my account for two weeks so that i can't access the money at all during that time. This would put me out of business for two weeks. I pulled $33. 00 dollars out of my wallett and plunked it down, told him to close the account and give me my checks, i will do business elsewhere.

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wilkey48's Profile Image

Reviewed by wilkey48

Aug 1st 2014

Computer fraud

I use to have an account and was told I have overdraft privilege and even paid on two accounts a week later there was no sign of them paying on the accounts and since they now show they had not paid on the accounts they could charge me overdraft fees. When I went into the back to find out why all activity was removed and why I had over draft fees they said they would credit my account of the over draft fees and while doing so they took money from my account hidden in the over draft fees. the over draft fees where $23 when they credited my account it was only for 22.30 and then 70 cents of my money to make it $23

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