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Bangor Branch

Bangor Gardens

652 Broadway
Bangor, ME, 04401

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SUN Closed
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Bangor Savings Bank Customer Reviews

ramsey's Profile Image

Reviewed by ramsey

Jun 10th 2013

The best bank change we ever made!

We moved our small business banking to Bangor Savings, Brighton Avenue Branch, over a year ago on the recommendation of our accountant. This has been the best experience any small business could have hoped for. We are a health care practice, and from day one, our needs have been met from the staff at this branch. The VP/branch manager, Tricia Duchesneau, is the consummate professional. The customer service we receive from Bangor Savings is the best my business and my family have ever experienced. Who knew that banking could indeed be an uplifting experience? Thank you Bangor Savings.

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JenniferRozens's Profile Image

Reviewed by JenniferRozens

Jun 3rd 2013

Really Awful Customer Service

This bank has been horrible in customer communication. I have spoken with several customer service representatives at their main number who are always going to "transfer" me to my branch on Broadway in Bangor. Unfortunately I never get transferred. Either they say someone will call or they come back on the line and say no the branch won't do this or that.

I had to have a conversation with someone from this bank that was supposed to call me Friday - this morning. She informed me two of my checks were going to be returned. On my account on their website, they had already been deducted from my balance but she said they were "pending" and that they would be returned. I went to the bank with a deposit and had someone else look at the account. She agreed with me that the original person's math was off. How can you work at a bank and not know how to read your account information?

At any rate I am done with this bank. I don't need long conversations about how I should live without a checking account because I'm overdrawn. I am the primary caregiver for my spouse with cortical basal degeneration and I cannot work. She can - and lucky for her she found a job in a bank that doesn't test for rudimentary math skills.

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