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Dinuba Branch

401 East Tulare Street
Dinuba, CA, 93618

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Bank of the Sierra Customer Reviews

craigery's Profile Image

Reviewed by craigery

Jan 8th 2012

I Have Had Accounts With Banks And Credit Unions, And Have Served On A Cu Board Of Directors.

I have had absolutely no problems with bank of the sierra. Even though i live in the san francisco bay area, my mailed deposits (to porterville, ca) are handled promptly, accurately. I have never had to pay any service fees; they have even refunded atm fees for non-associated atms. I have had difficulties with a large bank (whose initials begin with ch---); i advice anyone to bank with smaller american-owned banks and credit unions!!! [by the way, even some smaller "local" banks may have foreign ownership].

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gswaters's Profile Image

Reviewed by gswaters

Oct 16th 2011

slowly deteriorating ...

When I opened the account I couldn't believe it - we were receiving over 4% interest from their Rewards Checking. In the past two years, the rate had been reduced twice. But the rate we are receiving is still one of the highest I can find.

I agree with previous review that the web site is not very good. It has the look and feel from 10 years ago. I don't transfer funds between institutions so the fact that this has been 'permanently disabled' doesn't bother me.

Their choice to use 'MasterCard' as their Debit card causes me grief. There is one chain around me that does not accept MasterCard but does accept debit.

I'd put up with all of this but the "straw the broke the camel's back" was the Bank's decision to no longer allow their customers the ability to use their Debit cards at gas stations as a credit card. They did this with NO notice. And this designation as 'gas station' covers convenience stores that sells gas and travel plazas where all the businesses (food, gas, etc) are owned by the same company - as many are. When I called to inquire about this I was told that this was due to the high volume of fraud they were experiencing and the Bank had to act quickly. This policy has been in effect for over a month and the Bank has still not notified their their customers and their staff claims that there are no immediate plans to repeal this policy.\

I like the most things about the Bank and don't want to leave - but having a 18 year old punk at a travel plaza hand you your card back after trying to purchase an over priced fast food meal and say "I need a different card, there ain't no money on this one." when you know there are thousands of dollars in your account is HUMILIATING.

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George W's Profile Image

Reviewed by George W

Nov 13th 2010

Lie , Cheat and Steal

Don't ever bank with this bank ! They are your friend when you are letting them use your money ! Heaven help you if you default or fail to make a payment ! They practice dirty banking ! They are ruthless and have lawyers that will use any means to go after you ! The officers are smart asses , rude and don't care ! I have banked with them for several years and they have treated me very badly ! I hope this will convince someone not to get screwed by them like i did !

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