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Everett Colby Branch


2531 Colby Ave
Everett, WA, 98201

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SUN Closed
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Banner Bank Customer Reviews

HenrysHumdingers's Profile Image

Reviewed by HenrysHumdingers

Apr 1st 2014

I have found the customer service to be fantastic!

This bank has gone above and beyond to help our small business grow. They've sent us business ideas, contacts and even had us do a display in their lobby. They've called us and helped us the best they could with cash flow and have even picked up a deposit from us so we could meet a deadline. Service like this is a thing of the past. I couldn't be happier.

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Jennifer870's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jennifer870

Mar 13th 2013

Horrible in bank customer service!

I usually do all of my banking online, and for the most part am very pleased with Banner Bank. The problem is when you get a paper check that needs to be deposited. First I went to a location in NW Portland to find that it is closed, but still listed on their website brochure. Then went to the Downtown location and stood there for 10 minutes, 5 minutes of which noone even acknowledged me standing there. No teller working. Then a man says he'll be right out and proceeds to get on the phone. I ask the woman that had a client at her desk if I could make a deposit out at the ATM. No, I cannot and she's with someone. Duh. After standing there for 10 minutes while my friend drives around the block since there's no parking I left, got cash out of ATM, and now have to still get to a branch to put this check in!

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Yourgoindown's Profile Image

Reviewed by Yourgoindown

Aug 16th 2014

Don't Waste Your Time

Banner bank sends out advertisments to people's homes offering money to open an account. $75. is quite a chunk so my guess is they are in need of business. I applied online & was turned down. really? for a basic no fee no frills no nothing checking account that I was going to open with my own money...wow. If there are special requirements such as, must have excellent credit, be employed and not disabled then they should state it clearly in big bold letters at the top of their advertisments. I put that I was disabled & they do not have a section or anywhere to click on for that leading me to believe this bank does not cater to the disabled. I have never been denied a checking account with any bank and I have banked with Charles Schwab, BOA, Washington Mutual & Washington Trust. Much bigger corporations than Banner bank. I can see why they do not have good customer service nor do they have very many customers. I live accross the street from both Banner bank & two other leading banks. Banner's parking lot is always empty & I never see anyone inside. In fact, that is why I did not initally apply there when we moved to this state because they always looked closed. Well, I believe they also discriminate on who they want in their banks. Only stepford wives allowed perfect in every way. If not, move on.

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