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Eastlake Branch

Royal View

34829 Vine Street
Eastlake, OH 44095

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SUN Closed
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Dollar Bank Customer Reviews

Patricia's Profile Image

Reviewed by Patricia

Aug 28th 2014

Customer service

I have been banking with Dollar Bank in Brentwood for a long time; I have always had a good experience there with their customer service people, especially Fiore. The office personnel are friendly and knowledgeable. A few

years ago I had an emergency need to purchase a new (new used) car, and

their services were excellent.

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JandC's Profile Image

Reviewed by JandC

Nov 12th 2013


From the moment we opened the account, it was a nightmare. We deposited a $1000 certified check that they never removed the hold from. Our rent check bounces. the first one no less. We looked fantastic to the landlord that day! Accepting responsibility, the bank manager refunded the bounce fee and corrected the account. However, when I brought in my return check fee receipt, they refused to cover it.

My head hurts. It was your fault the check bounced, yet you will not pay the fees I had to because of your mistake? Completely unacceptable!

The customer service here is very two-faced. You don't matter to them at all. It's all a front to get you into the door. I had thought after Tyler fixed the original issue that we had made a great choice in banks. Now I know otherwise.

My funds will be transferred elsewhere by the end of the week and my account will be closed, all thanks to their own bank managers lack of customer service.

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ditto's Profile Image

Reviewed by ditto

Sep 25th 2013

Archaic Technology and Ridiculous Customer Service

Opened a Dollar Bank checking account, took a look at their online services and found that they haven't updated their software since 1990!

No "up-to-the-day" information, let alone "up-to-the-minute" information online. You have no idea where you stand unless you have a check book with your balance, a calculator, and the time to deal with their inefficiencies on hand at all times.

I purchased $50 of gas at 7 am, had $40 in my checking account, deposited $1000 that day, and was still hit with a $36 overdraw fee. I was signed up for the overdraw protection, that would have reduced my fee from $36 to $10, but since my savings account didn't have enough money to cover the $10, I was hit with the $36 fee. Dollar Bank won't cover you at all.

When you sign up for a checking account, the bank gives you a savings account even if you don't want one. Then the savings account and checking account have the same account numbers just to make things even more confusing.

Additionally, customers have to wait 3-7 days for a check to clear. Transfers close at 3 pm, so if you make a deposit after 3 pm, you won't see it until the next day, if you're lucky, and you won't be able to get your money for a few days after that.

Dollar Bank gets their money immediately from retail customers, from the Feds, from everyone - they can enjoy the efficiency of modern day technology, but not their customers.

Their customer service is horrible. Go anywhere else other than Dollar Bank.

If I could give them a 0 for their rating, I would.

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