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Columbus Branch

Downtown Neighborhood

21 East State Street
Columbus, OH 43215

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SUN Closed
SAT Closed
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Latest Customer Reviews

marti's Profile Image

Columbus branch reviewed by marti

May 18th 2011


It is now 5:11 pm, I have been on the phone with at least 3 hrs with 3 people separately because none did what they said could accomplish

I began at 1:13pm today.

the first lied the whole way thru; bank funds go through Denmark??????? The second promised but did not follow through.

the third, a manager, doesn't know the answer, asked another to do it but will still not know the answer when I call him back at his personal phone # at 6pm

I tried to pay for a purchase from a German based company. The card was refused. time and time again. I called 5/3 to find out that the company was on a fraud list......they have not had any trouble and was unaware of this. I've put my # in 8 times, to the point I have it memorized eventho I had no intent of doing so.

4 hrs later 5/3 or I have accomplished nothing of what I set out to do.

Now I'm to call them at 6 pm tonight. John, a manger of Customer Service in Pennyslvania FGS!! I was shooting for corp. in Cincy. Another resentment of mine. You have to ASK where they are.

I now have another goal that I can guarantee will get done. I'm shopping for another credit card TONIGHT! 5th/3rd will be cut up and stored as soon as I"m on board with a different company That is guaranteed to all who read this.

Trust me, there are more helpful, knowledgeable companies out there that actually train their employees before they are allowed to lie(not the first time with 5/3) of give out false information. other 5/3rd-ers just try to sell inept bank products to unsuspecting customers..

NONE of these 3 had any authority to do anything but there they are at the front of the customer service line acting like they've conquered the world while not smart enough to get out of their parking lot.

I'd had so much trouble with the 5/3 checking account that I went to a Credit Union and that left only the credit card which i only used if a business wouldn't take AMEX

Well, they've shown me how ill-equipped they are to deal with any problem but very good at causing them.

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