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Murrysville Branch

3880 Old William Penn Highway
Murrysville, PA, 15668

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SUN Closed
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First Commonwealth Bank Customer Reviews

BethCaldwell's Profile Image

Reviewed by BethCaldwell

Mar 10th 2014


First Commonwealth Bank overall is a great place to bank with. The staff at this bank is very supportive, friendly and professional. It's been my experience that they will go above and beyond to make your banking experience exceptional.

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Avalanche's Profile Image

Reviewed by Avalanche

Aug 29th 2013

Worst Bank Ever! They Rob You Blind And Have Ridiculous, Constantly Changing Policies Always Working In Their Favor!

First commonwealth is a disaster. I've had an account there since 2004 and will be closing it when the check i just deposited clears. In 2005, i deposited a $600 paycheck. I had some cash to begin with, nothing was drawing from the account, and suddenly there was an overdraft charge! Turns out they put my paycheck in the wrong account! Thank heavens i saved the receipt. Had i not done so, i would have been screwed! They corrected the situation and removed the od charge, since it was their error. However, every member of my family has had the same thing happen since! There's no excuse for making the same mistakes over and over! Fc is cutthroat with regards to od fees. They sting you with a $35 fee then tack on $8 each day your account balance is negative. They tried to contact me about this as a "courtesy" but called an obsolete number i know i changed! When i inquired, they told me there was "nothing they could do. " yeah, right. I did have a few overdrafts that were my fault. However, at least a couple of them should have been waived. Once, i deposited a check. Another check happened to clear later that day. But i was charged a $35 od fee, because they didn't credit the incoming check until the next day. They did not inform me of this policy! Then, when i got overdraft protection, they failed to tell me that i had to manually "join" my savings and checking accounts. I had one od and was charged the full $35 instead of $15, because i "didn't read the fine print. " typical bank propaganda. They even began charging me $1. 50 for balance inquiries at other machines. A transaction i understand, but an inquiry? Really? The last straw was depositing a $6,590 check to cover college tuition then being told i had to wait 5 business days for all of the funds to become available, due to another seemingly arbitrary policy, which they essentially made up on the fly. Online banking is ok, but otherwise fc is extremely customer unfriendly and has become very greedy and corr

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Grady G's Profile Image

Reviewed by Grady G

Dec 23rd 2009

I've closed my checking account with First Commonwealth

I had a checking account at First Commonwealth Bank (FCB) at it's downtown Pittsburgh office, which I opened in early 2005 before it became so financially troubled. Everything went fine until fall of 2009 when, through my own fault, I bounced my first check with FCB. Because of the one check, I was also charged for five other pending transactions, none of which were over $6 (e.g., Subway for $5.35; $4.06 at Au Bon Pain.) I called the bank manager, assuming he'd waive the $198 in overdraft fees. Instead, he agreed to "splitting" that amount. I agree to being punished for the one check, but the rest is just greediness on the bank's part. What caused me to close the account, though, was the fact that the manager felt called upon to raise his voice when discussing this with me on the phone -- never a sign of professionalism.

Now I see the bank is being sued for, inter alia, fraud, in Allegheny County Common Pleas court. I'm glad I got out when I did.

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