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East Ridge Branch

5401 Ringgold Road
East Ridge, TN, 37412

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SUN Closed
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First Tennessee Bank Customer Reviews

andersonk00's Profile Image

Reviewed by andersonk00

Jan 10th 2015



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amhamil10's Profile Image

Reviewed by amhamil10

Feb 15th 2014

cant wait to change banks

initially setting up my account was easy and the representative was really friendly. Unfortunate they put a hold on EVERYTHING I deposit. Local checks, paychecks etc. Ive never had an overdraft with them or a bounced check of any kind so I dont get it. I was told that the online & mobile service of depositing your checks is not a service for everyone. What??? Its so inconvenient to use this bank its ridiculous. Ive never had such problems ever. Then today, my husband takes my paycheck down to deposit it with a teller so that the funds would be available (its saturday btw) for us to use this weekend he got a receipt but when he got home there was nothing available the deposit isn't even showing up in my account and now of course they're closed until monday. So basically, I cant use mobile deposit because im not special enough to be granted the privilege, it takes forever to have access to my own money, and their online services are way out of date. I cant wait to find another bank and close this account. Im dreading possibly being fined or who knows what for closing it.

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McAllister's Profile Image

Reviewed by McAllister

Jul 26th 2012

Worst Bank Ever

I secured a loan to pay for a property I bought in Garrett County Maryland. First Horizon became First Tennessee and the service went into the toilet from there. I couldn't pay my mortgage payment on line unless I opened up a checking account with First Tennessee. I don't live anywhere near the great state of Tennessee or any of their branches. And since I had an account with another bank, I had to either write a check and mail it or make a phone payment. The phone payment allowed them to steal another $15.00 from me as a "lack-of-service" fee. Service was non-existent and trying to log in to my account was ridiculous. It would prompt me for my account number and then it would say this is an invalid account number so now I had to make a payment by phone using the same invalid account number. They eventually went to on-line banking and allowed people to pay their mortgage using an outside account. They are way behind the times as far as technology, service and common sense. Go with another bank if you can. First Horizon was just a cover for First Tennessee. I finally got fed up to the point that I refinanced my house and added the property to my mortgage just so I could kick First Tennessee to the curb. Best decision I ever made.

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