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First Tennessee Bank Branch

East Ridge Branch

5401 Ringgold Road
East Ridge, TN, 37412

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First Tennessee Bank Customer Reviews

ElizabethTN's Profile Image

Reviewed by ElizabethTN

Feb 19th 2014

Great personal, customer service

I have been banking with First TN for about 6 months. Everyone I've worked with there has been Extremely helpful. The personal bankers have even suggested different programs to move my money to so that I can benefit from better savings rates. Would highly recommend, if you're looking to be treated like a customer and not just another number.

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hr123's Profile Image

Reviewed by hr123

Apr 1st 2014

Very Rude!

I called First Tennessee on April 1st, 2014. I was calling just too ask a simple question (not being rude or anything). I just wanted some information about my account. The girl that answered the phone was obviously not in a good mood when she answered and when I asked her what I needed too ask it was obvious she didn't want to help me. When she got back on the phone she did give me the answer I was looking for but then she just hung up the phone with out saying a word after I thanked her. I just found the phone call very unprofessional and this is not the first time I have had been spoken rudely too from First Tennessee. I will still be banking with First Tennessee because it is overall a great bank! Just maybe if the people that worked there were somewhat friendlier....

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sevierfarmer's Profile Image

Reviewed by sevierfarmer

Feb 28th 2014


Every time I walk into First TN bank I'm privy to a new experience that is as equally dissapointing as the last. Every employee has a different answer than the last and no one seems to know bank policy or exactly how to impliment policy. Their telepone lines consistently go down so you have to go to a location to conduct business. However, they tend to close down prior to their listed hours on a regular basis and then deny that has been done. Their policies are always a catch 22. I have multiple business accounts with this bank due to First TN absorbing MNB. I've been putting off pulling the accounts I have due to the headache it would cause however, I think it is time to deal with a month of irritation rather than continual annoyance and dissapointment I receive from banking with First TN.

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