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East Ridge Branch

5401 Ringgold Road
East Ridge, TN, 37412

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SUN Closed
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First Tennessee Bank Customer Reviews

katiesmith37's Profile Image

Reviewed by katiesmith37

May 11th 2014

Great Bank

If you want a big bank with local bank feel, choose First Tennessee. Not had any problems with this bank! They treat their customers like they should!

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hr123's Profile Image

Reviewed by hr123

Apr 1st 2014

Very Rude!

I called First Tennessee on April 1st, 2014. I was calling just too ask a simple question (not being rude or anything). I just wanted some information about my account. The girl that answered the phone was obviously not in a good mood when she answered and when I asked her what I needed too ask it was obvious she didn't want to help me. When she got back on the phone she did give me the answer I was looking for but then she just hung up the phone with out saying a word after I thanked her. I just found the phone call very unprofessional and this is not the first time I have had been spoken rudely too from First Tennessee. I will still be banking with First Tennessee because it is overall a great bank! Just maybe if the people that worked there were somewhat friendlier.

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paladine's Profile Image

Reviewed by paladine

Jun 2nd 2014

150 Years of Service: A False Pride: Better Close your Accounts

I had been first Tennessee customer for the past 7 years. I have 2 checking accounts and I never had more than $1000 in any one of those accounts. I use it specifically for my online purchases. All of a sudden since March it started charging finance charge of $9. I called the customer service and they told me that someone in first Tennessee upgraded my account in 2011 to a premium that requires a minimum of $5000; else it will charge a finance fee. I was never informed this account upgrade. The customer service representative was not giving me any other information either like why it was changed, who changed it and why was I not informed. In the end of the customer representative they told me that they fixed it and it should not happen again. But in April and May, I was charged again the finance charge. I again called the customer service representative and they told me that I will have to go to the branch that opened my account.

I went to the branch and spoke to the manager; Her name is [Redacted] (4990 Poplar Avenue, 38117). She outright told me that this is how First Tennessee works, their systems will automatically upgrade the accounts and there is nothing that the customers can do about it. She also told me that all their checking accounts require to have a minimum of $5000, else the finance charge. She was rude and unwilling to work with me. When asked about why my other checking accounts in First Tennessee does not have the finance charge, she told that it is a system glitch and laughed saying "If you want the finance charge on that account, I will make it happen now;Do you want it?". At this point I lost my patience, I told her I'm going to close my account with First Tennessee and closed the account.

After opening an account with other bank, I'm going to close all my accounts with First Tennessee. I wonder how First Tennessee stays in business for 150 years.

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