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First Citizens Bank Branch


Hwy 21n Northcross Shopping Center
Huntersville, NC, 28078

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First Citizens Bank Customer Reviews

nananette56's Profile Image

Reviewed by nananette56

Aug 26th 2013

Best customer service ever!

My mom had so charges on her account that she did not authorize. The lady at the bank spent over an hour helping her straighten this out Because of the customer service they gave my mom, I opened an account there. They are the most helpful bank that I have even been associated with.

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Bruce12345's Profile Image

Reviewed by Bruce12345

Jan 10th 2012

Outrageous Fees! ///poor Customer Service/// Long 12-20 Minutes On Hold.

I was just informed first citizens bank charges $50. 00 for an ira certificate of deposit transfer. That is if your close or transfer your ira cd they charge you $50. 00. That is truly outrageous! It is simply theft. I have banked with first citizens bank for over twenty years. This hidden fee was a complete surprise. I have also received conflicting information, via phone customer service. I have lost confidence with first citizens bank and trust.

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businessowner's Profile Image

Reviewed by businessowner

Feb 13th 2014

We encountered deceitful business practices, contradictory actions, unprofessionalism, and outdated banking systems.

The employees and management of First Citizens Bank, particularly the Olde Raleigh Village branch, have been deceptive, patronizing, and outright insulting. We transferred our multi million-dollar business bank account to First Citizens (FC) from a larger institution anticipating a friendly, local atmosphere with attention to detail and a personable staff. Unfortunately, we encountered a bank that cannot complete basic banking needs. FC repeatedly frustrated our company and our customers with its archaic banking structure and rude, offensive employees.

There is a lack of transparency and communication, from the tellers, to the Operations Manager (a teller with too much power), to the Branch Manager (newly transferred with no understanding of how FC works), to the apparently non-existent Regional Operations Manager.

When reviewing our proposal before opening the account, we were told that their outdated (circa 1998) business web portal, would be updated in a month or two; however, this never occurred. There is no live account updating so it is always a day behind. There is no way to see who sent a wire without paying a $5.00 research fee PER wire, which can only be requested at the branch where the account was created. There is no way to see to whom a wire was sent. There are no check images on statements unless you pay $30 per month, which can only be initiated on the day of account creation.

It is difficult to understand how First Citizens can successfully exist with this lack of infrastructure, technology, professionalism, integrity, and honesty. No manager seemed to be interested in our business. This consistent poor performance contrasts greatly with our new bank. I strongly discourage anyone from opening any account here due to the horrific experiences we had and the deceitful nature of some employees.

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