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Lenoir Branch

115 Blowing Rock Boulevard
Lenoir, NC, 28645

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First Citizens Bank Customer Reviews

nananette56's Profile Image

Reviewed by nananette56

Aug 26th 2013

Best customer service ever!

My mom had so charges on her account that she did not authorize. The lady at the bank spent over an hour helping her straighten this out Because of the customer service they gave my mom, I opened an account there. They are the most helpful bank that I have even been associated with.

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AKEagle's Profile Image

Reviewed by AKEagle

May 16th 2014

They Have No Respect For Customers

This is what happened with me within 1 week with First Citizen Bankâ?¦I started the week by calling my local branch for a car loan, the loan officer wasnâ??t there, The good thing that someone called me back and said that the loan officer will contact you as soon as possible, I waited two days without hearing anything. Okay no problem, I went the same local branch and I didnâ??t find the loan officer but a gentle lady was very helpful. She put the loan officer over the phone and I had to discuss the issue over the phone. I found the car I need and I tried to reach the loan officer again over his direct number but unfortunately, there was no response at all. I called another branch and I applied for car loan application over the phone and the gentle man promised to call after noon, but he didnâ??t. I visited the local branch and the officer who filled in the application was not there and I needed to leave. At the last minute he arrived and he replied that he couldnâ??t find my credit through the bank system. To save the time I asked if this means that my application is rejected, he said I think so. I moved to the dealer with no power to negotiate because my bank didnâ??t help me and I had to accept the offer the dealer gave me.

Another issue happened during the week, I was doing my regular online banking check. I found $ 40 transferred from my account under (Miscellaneous debt) I called the customer service and they this is because of the safe deposit box which I donâ??t have from the beginning. Thankfully, they refund the money back.

I wonder what is going on with First Citizen!

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runfromhere2014's Profile Image

Reviewed by runfromhere2014

Jun 9th 2014


Worse customer service ever, loan officer does not return calls, texts or emails. Do yourself a favor and bank elsewhere. I will never use them again. It's horrible that they're management has no idea how terrible they are -- unknowledgeable and rude.

Stay far away from Wilson branch, if rates are higher someplace else, it would still be in your best interest to shop someplace else. Even worse they're underwriter's seem to have so much issues with their children that they fail to do their jobs. Force retirement needs applied, in the horse industry it's called put them down, when they are no longer useful.

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