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Ellicottville Branch

54 Washington Street
Ellicottville, NY, 14731

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Five Star Bank Customer Reviews

smileydawn67's Profile Image

Reviewed by smileydawn67

Feb 7th 2015

Awesome Bank

The tellers are so friendly and quick to help you understand something if you need it. I'll always Bank with Five Star Bank and tell everyone I know how great this bank is. Thank you Five Star Bank. :-)

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Ryan P's Profile Image

Reviewed by Ryan P

Oct 8th 2013

Saved my local bank and better than ever!

After years and generations of my family banking with HSBC they sold off all of their US branches. Included in this sale was the local branch in my hometown my family has banked at for over 4 generations. I was so happy when a local company like Five Star bought our bank! I am very happy with their service and have not had any issues yet. Keep you account in good standing and keep enough money in it and you should never have trouble (with any bank, mostly, for that matter)! Also have had good experiences with their credit card services as well.

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Shawnam12777's Profile Image

Reviewed by Shawnam12777

Jan 22nd 2015

Wouldn't suggest to my worst enemy!!!

About 6 years ago, I had a car that was financed through this bank. At the time, I was young, so my credit was not so good, and I had just totaled my previous car. So my grandmother had financed the car for me and allowed me to drive it. After paying for the car for almost a year, I had one late payment that wasn't even a week late because it was Christmas time, and they called about the payment and my grandmother told them they would have to talk to me. I had every full intention of making the payment on pay day, and if made on that day, would have made the payment 6 days late. Well, they repo'd my car. In the middle of the night. took my car almost 2 hours from my house. In my car was my winter coat, purse, money, credit cards, License. Everything. Then told me I could pick up my stuff almost 2 hours from my house. They took my car, how am I supposed to get there?

Upon talking to the bank, I found out they didn't repo my car due to a late payment. They took my car because they considered it a "straw loan" that I was using someone else's credit to benefit myself. Wait, WHAT? So, my grandmother, that I lived with at the time, that wasn't a complete stranger to me, that depended on me to get her to the doctor or store or where ever she needed to go, I was USING her for her credit?? What about people that have children that drive their cars? Even children that go out of state to college with a car their parents purchased for them? How is that even possible?!? Upon getting a lawyer, they would not let us get the car back unless we paid the balance in full. $18000. Needless to say, the car is gone. My grandmother contacted a lawyer and worked everything out. Received a bill from them in the mail today 5 years later for 3000 bucks. Over my dead body. Spoke with 3 different CSR's today, all 3 were beyond rude. And have to call collections tomorrow. Let the games begin. I would walk across the country barefoot before I went back to finance a car with them.

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