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Chili Center Branch

3177 Chili Avenue
Rochester, NY, 14624

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Five Star Bank Customer Reviews

Ryan P's Profile Image

Reviewed by Ryan P

Oct 8th 2013

Saved my local bank and better than ever!

After years and generations of my family banking with HSBC they sold off all of their US branches. Included in this sale was the local branch in my hometown my family has banked at for over 4 generations. I was so happy when a local company like Five Star bought our bank! I am very happy with their service and have not had any issues yet. Keep you account in good standing and keep enough money in it and you should never have trouble (with any bank, mostly, for that matter)! Also have had good experiences with their credit card services as well.

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hfoolwm's Profile Image

Reviewed by hfoolwm

Jul 15th 2011

Awful. Worst Banking Experience I have EVER heard of.

When I first opened the account here I was 16 and they wouldn't give me my own debit card because I was a minor. My mother stepped in and created a joint account with me and they gave me a debit card with her name on it. I didn't mind this too much at the time. When I turned 18 however, they only way they would give me a new card with my name was to close the account entirely and charge me over $100 in fees.

Since then, the bank has refused to grant me access to their online banking service and no one can tell me why. I routinely find random charges and fees on my statements each month. When I call to address these no one seems to know what to do about them. I was actually overdrawn on my account because of these mysterious fees at one time and the bank charged me $70 for it! After I called and demanded an explanation they only agreed to remove the fees that had initally showed up on my account for no reason but not the overdraft fee!

Five Star also claims that checks can only be cashed up to 6 months after the date on the check but they cashed a check I wrote to my landlord 8 months ago, which overdrew my account by $0.32! Which ended up costing me over $70! Enough is enough. Five Star Bank has stolen my money and belittled me over the phone for the last time. I am done with this establishment and am closing my account now.

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