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Sinking Township Branch

2747 Century Boulevard
Wyomissing, PA, 19610

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SUN Closed
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Fulton Bank Customer Reviews

thelonniegmailcom's Profile Image

Reviewed by thelonniegmailcom

Oct 7th 2014

Great Service

I had an issue with a payment to my cell phone provider. When I paid online it charged my card 3 times. Put my account into a negative status. Although I can't say that I'm happy I couldn't reach anyone on a Sunday via the 800 number, once I went into the Granite Run Branch the following Monday I was pleasantly surprised on the service I was given by Michelle "Shelly" Burns.

She took excellent care of me. And when I continued to have trouble with my phone provider I called her back using the card she gave me instructing me to call if anything else comes up. Usually people say that but never follow through. When I explained my phone company doesn't see any payments (even though they took 3) and turned my phone off she helped get all the charges removed, my card back working so I could make another payment, and get my phone back on. all while my account was in a negative status since there were so many invalid charges.

I can honestly say that her willingness to help is what I'm looking for in a bank. Even though there may be others with slightly better hours (Sundays) it's worth it to me to have great service.

Thanks Shelly

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merrittj1958's Profile Image

Reviewed by merrittj1958

Apr 11th 2014

Great Customer Service

I have had a checking account with Fulton Bank for about two to three years now, and my experience has been great. There was a recent problem with a check, unfortunately that was sent out by mistake, and I could not get it back - so Fulton paid the check even though I had half of that money in my account.

Fees were refunded, and though I did take responsibility and tell the manager that I would pay the overdraft fee (it was already in extended overdraft) he refunded that, plus most of the extended overdraft fees ($6 a day, kind of shocking)! I know Fulton did not have to take off any of the fees, but it was very helpful, as I am hardly working. Also, since the check was for a magazine subscription to give to my Mom for upcoming Mother's day, it was nice to know that I didn't have to pay too much extra for the gift!

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Bleudawn71's Profile Image

Reviewed by Bleudawn71

Feb 2nd 2015

Never Again. Use A Credit Union

First if all my account always seemed to be in a negative status. The fees are excessive. My account went negative over $1000. They dont help. Also my cell phone provider took two payments and neither if them helped at all. I had to open an account sonewhere else. Horrible. I deposited a chevk and apparently it was returned. Now i have to pay it. Ridiculous. Dont waste your money on banks. Credit unions you own a share. Not making big money for corperate heads!

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