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Sinking Township Branch

2747 Century Boulevard
Wyomissing, PA, 19610

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SUN Closed
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Fulton Bank Customer Reviews

berryrn188's Profile Image

Reviewed by berryrn188

Sep 11th 2013

Fulton bank does not stand be hide you at all.

Let me start out by saying that I closed my old Checking account out on 8-04-2013 and reopen a hew account at Fulton Bank in Jenkintown Pa. I applied to Bill Pay when I submitted 1348.00 on 8-29-2013 in checks to be sent out on September 4th -2013 and they were sent out the only problem is that the Checks where written from the closed account ,I went to Fulton Bank and they told me it was my fault that I need to fix it . They also told me that they did not have to pay for the return checks. Iâ??m on SSD and my income is the best, Thank you Fulton Bank for ripping me off.

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merrittj1958's Profile Image

Reviewed by merrittj1958

Apr 11th 2014

Great Customer Service

I have had a checking account with Fulton Bank for about two to three years now, and my experience has been great. There was a recent problem with a check, unfortunately that was sent out by mistake, and I could not get it back - so Fulton paid the check even though I had half of that money in my account.

Fees were refunded, and though I did take responsibility and tell the manager that I would pay the overdraft fee (it was already in extended overdraft) he refunded that, plus most of the extended overdraft fees ($6 a day, kind of shocking)! I know Fulton did not have to take off any of the fees, but it was very helpful, as I am hardly working. Also, since the check was for a magazine subscription to give to my Mom for upcoming Mother's day, it was nice to know that I didn't have to pay too much extra for the gift!

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scammers's Profile Image

Reviewed by scammers

Aug 25th 2014


This bank is out for one thing to STEAL from you to STEAL your home your life and everything they can get their greedy hands on, the are connected to real estate agents and appraisers so work together and rip you off they over inflate the appraisals to get you more money then when your in a corner they lend a hand to give you even more money knowing full well you will never ever be able to pay it all off, CROOKS, so hey if your interested in a house you can't afford then this is the bank for you, heck they will even direct you to all their so called partners and that is the correct word PARTNERS life PARTNERS criminals that is what this bank is

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