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Grinnell Branch

1030 Broad Street
Grinnell, IA, 50112

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SUN Closed
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Great Western Bank Customer Reviews

jlj's Profile Image

Reviewed by jlj

Jul 25th 2012

Great bank without any problems

I have always enjoyed banking with Great Western Bank. The staff is friendly and I feel the website is very user friendly. I have never heard of my friends or family saying anything negative toward this company. I plan to stay with this bank forever :)

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Requiem's Profile Image

Reviewed by Requiem

Sep 21st 2011

I Have No Problems With Their Checking Account

I finally had enough of wells fargo re-enrolling me into overdraft protection without my consent, closed the account, and walked across the street to great western. I checked out another few banks before i settled on great western, but i was pretty happy with them from the start. When i signed up, i got that typical gift given to new accounts (reusable metal water bottles). They purchased all my old checks from wells fargo, and added that to the account (roughly 20 bucks, which is more than i paid for the checks, ironically).

They asked if which checking account i wanted, and there was no discernable difference between their "totally free checking" and their "vip checking", except vip had online, direct deposit, billpay, and payed you interest (with no minimum account balance). "totally free" has none of those things. Also, for the vip checking (but not totally free checking), for every direct deposit you set up your first month with the bank, they will add $10 to your account. Every automatic billpay you set up also adds $10, so long as you set the billpay up in your first 30 days.

After my wife and i had our direct deposits and billpays set up, i got a full tank of gas for something i was going to do anyways. I declined overdraft protection, and have not been automatically signed up (unlike wells fargo). If you do opt for overdraft protection, however, overdrafts here cost less than it does at any of the other banks i spoke with (great western charges around $32, everyone else i checked out was at least $35). I have no problem encouraging people to at least check this bank out.

The reason that i am giving the bank 4 stars, instead of 5, is because my wife got her debit card, and we got the checks we ordered, both within a week. I never got my debit card until i went back into the bank 1 month later and enquired, at which point it arrived 2 days later. I wasn't angry, but it wasn't quite perfect, so i couldn't give it a perfect score.

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GoBigRed's Profile Image

Reviewed by GoBigRed

Mar 5th 2013

The most incompetent bank and staff in the state of Nebraska

Worst customer service, incompetent people. Charged me a fee but can't tell me what it was for. They closed my account because I made them feel uncomfortable. As stupid as it can get!!!!!

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