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Cordova Branch

Cordova Office Plaza

2185 Airport Boulevard
Pensacola, FL, 32504

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SUN Closed
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Hancock Bank Customer Reviews

chentrell w's Profile Image

Reviewed by chentrell w

Feb 10th 2010

Some banks really care about their customers...

I have had an account with Hancock for almost 4 years. Since opening my account, I have not had many problems with this bank. There have been instances where charges to my account caused NSF fees and the bank worked with me to resolve the problems with those companies. For those NSF fees in which I was responsible, I paid them each time. However, recently I incurred a tremendous amount of NSF fees, which were not my fault. I contacted customer service to resolve the problem. After expressing my displeasure with the way the debits were paid, thus causing the fees to mount, another representative offered to review my account and help to resolve the problem. Subsequently, the bank resolved the issue. I was impressed with their commitment to resolving my problem and happy that they wanted to keep me as a customer.

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JeffM's Profile Image

Reviewed by JeffM

Sep 9th 2014

Not helpful

I have had an average of 3 business accounts at this bank and I am displeased with the lack of customer service and a cavalier attitude toward my needs as a business founder and CEO. I am denied read only access to my accounts and told I do not have access. Spoke to the Assistant Mgr. and got n o-where. I plan to move my account to Sun Coast where my need for information is welcome.

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