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Huntington Branch

Salem Giant Eagle Branch

2401 East State Street
Salem, OH, 44460

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Salem Giant Eagle Customer Reviews

mroberts's Profile Image

Reviewed by mroberts

Sep 20th 2013

very sad

My 6 yrs. old wanted to deposit his money in his account today. he had $39 in bills and $11 in coins. they said they couldn't take the change unless u roll it. want wrong with this picture. its money. no matter how u have it. so I had to use the machine to get bills and they charge you for every dollar. that's just wrong.

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Huntington Customer Reviews

Ashley83's Profile Image

Reviewed by Ashley83

Mar 14th 2012


I would just like to say Huntington Bank is the best bank I have ever banked with. The 24 hour grace is amazing!! After all of the bad reviews I have seen, I have found out it lack of knowledge with people. Quit complaining about 24 hour grace if you dont know how to use it. They have a call center and banking offices to explain it to you. Also if you have online banking it clearly states you have to make a deposit to cover the negative balance and keep it positive to the following day. Its not rocket science to understand if your account is negative to make a deposit for what its over drawn plus all other items that havent posted. Dont try and play the system and pretend you forgot about a check you clearly wrote and when it comes through you get charged fees. Obviously you dont keep a register and balance your books. That may mean you are not grown up enough to have a checking account or you are one of those people who try to play the system and when it back fires you call to complain about the mistake YOU made. Huntington is the only one who has 24 hour grace to make things right for your first overdraw. No other bank out there does this. Either stop over drawing your account or cover what you over draw and stop complaining. It gets old!

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RachelSmith's Profile Image

Reviewed by RachelSmith

Dec 10th 2013

Refused to deposit check from closing of house because check had c/o realty co. after our names so it wasn't our check

Day before Thanksgiving I deposited 100 cash and a check for 560 at ATM. The check was made out to my husband c/o realty company and had their address. The title agency mailed it to the realtor's office who then mailed it to us, as it was our refund from earnest money. Bank allowed 400 of 660 deposit to be available immediately. Without warning a few hours later my card was declined and I found they had reversed the ENTIRE deposit cash and all citing the realty company did not endorse it and it was a two party check. In the meantime, my account was overdrawn because the other 260 of the deposit wasn't "allowed" to be put in until the next business day freezing the 100 cash deposit and other monies I had available before the deposit.

The bank MAILED MY ENDORSED CHECK back to me. I had to send it to the realty company for endorsement which they did. However, I was told that c/o is part of the mailing address and has NOTHING to due with endorsing or ownership of check. I deposited the check again and the same thing happened. W/o notice they reversed the deposit before it cleared freezing funds in account until next business day. Reason for reversal was the company endorsed in writing and did not use stamp.When I called branch manager in Carey OH she said pay to you c/o them means it is their check not yours if check was to them c/o me it would be ours. This is opposite of what other banks and customer service said. Mgr then said if the real estate company really wanted me to have the money, they would deposit the check in their bank and reissue me a check in my name only. Problem is their bank says IT'S NOT THEIR CHECK! 800# told us to contact local branch because they can choose to do whatever they want. I explained that Chase said it was not the realty company's check and customer service rep said I should go deposit it at Chase. I have asked around and was informed by all that c/o is part of mailing address on the check and has nothing to do with ownership.

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