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Eastwood Branch


2801 James Street
Syracuse, NY 13206

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KeyBank Customer Reviews

David M's Profile Image

Reviewed by David M

Jul 30th 2010

bjmsynapse's Profile Image

Reviewed by bjmsynapse

May 23rd 2014

Brand Promise from Key Bank is a joke! - sr mngt -no comment

We have been customers at Key Bank for more than 25 years.

When we needed a line of credit we went to Key Bank because of their Brand Promise "A Response Within 48 Hours" .

This is a promise to either accept or reject an application for a line of credit with 48 hours.

It turns out they have no commitment to deliver on this at all !

Bryan Flaherty, AVP Key Bank says the Brand Promise is only to "let you know we are working on it" In other words a complete bastardization of the brand promise.

Bear in mind that we had ALL the required documents to them within 3 business hours of the application being filed and they said "yes we have everything we need"

When I asked to speak to someone above the branch level rep., I was give a non-functioning phone number.

When I called their 800# customer service they had no idea what a brand promise was. When I asked "Jay" for the contact info for the Market President in Maine he would have to get permission from his supervisor. When I asked to speak to the supervisor directly "jay" told that I could only do so if I promised not to record the conversation. At that point I gave up !

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madaboutyou's Profile Image

Reviewed by madaboutyou

May 30th 2011


this bank is BULLSHIT if you want to open a account in this bank dont do it they are the most sneaky ass bank ever, they charge overdraft fee $30 every freaking week!!!and they wont tell you or explaine this when you open an account!!!!!!!!!! they will put you in whole!!!! SHITTY FUCKING KEY BANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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