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Eldersburg Branch

1325-D Liberty Road
Sykesville, MD, 21784

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SUN Closed
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Eldersburg Customer Reviews

BigCountry's Profile Image

Reviewed by BigCountry

Dec 18th 2012

I will never deal with this rude and joke of a business again

I have been a customer for 10 years and all of a sudden they start charging fees for every little thing -- overdraft protection that I've had for the same amount of time. Enormous ATM fees. Monthly fees for checking.

I went into close my account and did so -- come to find out 2 weeks later they pulled money from my checking to my savings which should have both been closed but then charged me a 38.50 fee b/c the account was set to zero when I closed it out. I then had to call and ask how this could happen to accounts that have been closed. The Manager Matt at the Westminster branch said he would have to check the regional system?? They credited my account back but man they are a bunch of jokesters who do not deserve my money or yours. Please check out PNC -- they blow the BIG GREEN FLAG out of the water. If you are military or military children USAA is #1. Tell M&T to stick it....times are tough enough but to have a company charge you in the rear end is absolutely unacceptable.

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M&T Bank Customer Reviews

Elwood's Profile Image

Reviewed by Elwood

Jan 27th 2014

M&T Bank in Rhinebeck is the best ever!

I have been with M&T Bank in Rhinebeck for decades and the people who work there have been nothing but gracious, professional, knowledgeable and helpful. When my wife died last March, the principals at my local M&T were there for me as I navigated the difficulties in transferring accounts, etc.

5 Stars!

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Kwasi's Profile Image

Reviewed by Kwasi

Dec 9th 2013

Don't even waste time with this bank

It is obvious to me at this point that M and T bank has no interest of its clients and asking for legitimate support is a nightmare.

They have MY OWN $$$ which I paid to them as escrow and they are disbursing the money wrongly. I pointed it out them and is taking over three months with series of calls and emails but this simple issue cannot be resolved with them. I am finally advising myself and seek assistance elsewhere

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