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Latta-Long Pond

3165 Latta Road
Greece, NY, 14612

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SUN Closed
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Latta-Long Pond Customer Reviews

Kdhyfdc's Profile Image

Reviewed by Kdhyfdc

Mar 27th 2013

going next door and switching to Chase....

My boyfriend and I opened our bank accounts in November, and at first had no issues. The longer we started banking with them the more apparent it was how awful they were. They refused my $75 bonus saying that I signed up past the due date even though when we opened the accounts the woman told us we would receive them. When I called and complained, they basically told me I was wrong and nobody told me that. 10 minutes later they call me back telling me I was right. Extremely unprofessional. Then, a month or so ago, we went in to see our options about opening a credit card (we need to build credit because we are trying to buy a house). As soon as we sat down with a banker they told us because neither of us are 21 (I am 20), we could not open credit cards no if ands or buts. Said it was a law and when I asked if there was any possible way around it she said no and that was it. When I went home and looked up the law, the law is actually in place for college students. If you can show proof of income you do not have to be 21, as well as various other ways you can get around having to be 21. She never ONCE asked if either of us were in college (which NEITHER of us are), or if we had reliable sources of income, which we do. I even have credit already from paying off student loans from a few years ago. After reading about all of this, I applied for a Chase freedom card online, and my application was accepted with NO HASSLE. We have since opened new checking and savings accounts with chase, and will be closing our m and t accounts as soon as they're actually open, which seems to be pretty much never.

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M&T Bank Customer Reviews

Elwood's Profile Image

Reviewed by Elwood

Jan 27th 2014

M&T Bank in Rhinebeck is the best ever!

I have been with M&T Bank in Rhinebeck for decades and the people who work there have been nothing but gracious, professional, knowledgeable and helpful. When my wife died last March, the principals at my local M&T were there for me as I navigated the difficulties in transferring accounts, etc.

5 Stars!

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Kwasi's Profile Image

Reviewed by Kwasi

Dec 9th 2013

Don't even waste time with this bank

It is obvious to me at this point that M and T bank has no interest of its clients and asking for legitimate support is a nightmare.

They have MY OWN $$$ which I paid to them as escrow and they are disbursing the money wrongly. I pointed it out them and is taking over three months with series of calls and emails but this simple issue cannot be resolved with them. I am finally advising myself and seek assistance elsewhere

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