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Guymon Branch

1754 N. Academy
Guymon, OK 73942

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Midfirst Bank Customer Reviews

Shari H's Profile Image

Reviewed by Shari H

May 28th 2010

Personal and professional!

I love "my" bank! With every employee that I have had business dealings with, personal customer service has been a priority. I have received personal assistance with selecting the most beneficial checking account for my personal and business needs. Great online assistance. Plus, I feel like the online security is superior to other banks that I use online. Their CD rates are very competitive also.

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MickeyC55's Profile Image

Reviewed by MickeyC55

Mar 6th 2014

Find a Better Bank, Not Customer Oriented

I have been with MidFirst for 25 years. In the beginning they was a great bank. They came to our office and promised us all types of perks to encourage us join. I have to say they kept their promises back then and I felt I made a good decision. But, in the past 10 years I feel that the customer service and banking features have gone downhill.

Without notice MidFirst started charging my accounts for monthly statements unless you go to internet banking only. They raised my safe deposit box from $30 to $45 per year without a notice. I called and asked why they raised my safe deposit box price and the assistant stated it was due to lack of boxes. It had nothing to do with cost. She said they figured the biggest depositors would pay it and they were not worried about the lower valued depositors. They have withdrawn money from my account on several occasions on someone else's check. This did get this straightened out each time it happened but several times shows lack of attention. Several other things that have also frustrated over the past 10 years have driven me to look for another bank.

Originally MidFirst made me feel like I was important to them and they valued my business. Now, the clerks to the bankers make me feel like they could care less about my business and if I don't like it I can take my business elsewhere.

I carry an average balance of $200,000 plus. I hope I can find a bank that will treat me like they should.

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MELODIEJ's Profile Image

Reviewed by MELODIEJ

Aug 6th 2011

When The Going Got Tough - Midfirst Quit Rather Than Work Solutions

We had a commercial loan with midfirst. When we couldn't make our payment, we presented a solution to the phoenix president - a lease to purchase with a very viable buyer. Instead of working to get their investment and ours back, they chose to foreclose. Now they have our commercial buildings and now they are going after everything else including my young daughter's little business. Really - midfirst is not your banking friend.

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