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Queensbury Branch

Glens Falls North

242 Quaker Road
Queensbury, NY, 12804

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NBT Bank Customer Reviews

Jdub808's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jdub808

Apr 28th 2013

Outstanding. Great customer service experience with knowledgeable bankers who care about their communities

Have dealt with several of their branches throughout upstate New York. Always a positive experience and branch personnel are very friendly and helpful. I always see their logo's at community events listed as a sponsor. Excited about new Syracuse locations as I travel there on a regular basis.

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bigjim's Profile Image

Reviewed by bigjim

Apr 19th 2014

Stay away!

I have been with alliance bank for nearly 10 years and then nbt merges with them and I have nothing but problems every month. They let your account get overdrawn then charge you for it, they don't even inform you its overdrawn then charge a daily fee for it. Closing my account today -- bad customer service!

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hammondmn1's Profile Image

Reviewed by hammondmn1

Jun 1st 2014

Do Not Do Business With / Stay Away

I recently had a problem with this bank, which I had became associated with because I had an NBT account in Perth Office transferred to this Broadalbin, NY office. My problem was I was in hospital and father-in-law had a stroke, my wife made a purchase on Ebay and thought she put it on Paypal credit card, but it went over to my backup ebay account (NBT bank), which I only keep at $50. The NBT account went negative to a balance of -$35.00, no one called, a statement was sent, but since we never use the account it got thrown away.

I reconciled everything with the bank, it cost me $245.00, but they decided to put me on a little known list called the Chexsystems list. Over $35.00 and a person with a 750-780 credit rating, and no phone call, this is what they did. When I asked [Redacted] at bank why she did not call, she said I usually call, but I don't always leave messages. Are you kidding me? Over something with consequences of a person being on a Chexsystems list (preventing you from opening up further accounts), you would think leaving a message would be mandatory.

Do not do business with this bank.

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