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Las Vegas Branch


1995 Village Center Circle
Las Vegas, NV 89134

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Northern Trust Customer Reviews

tkchou's Profile Image

Reviewed by tkchou

Jul 28th 2014

Offensive security guard

The security guard at your Chicago - Oak Street location at 4 pm on 7/28/14 needs to mind his business and do what he was hired to do. His offensive attitude towards dog owners will serve your customers well as I'm sure half your customers and/or their families are dog owners. I will be sure to share my experience with my high net worth dog owning neighbors. Have a good day.

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rlsand's Profile Image

Reviewed by rlsand

Jul 17th 2013

15-year Customer tossed out like garbage

I have banked with Northern Trust for 15+ years. In that time, I have had investment accounts, a mortgage, and a home equity line of credit. Their investment performance was sub-par, so I moved my investments to a Money Manager. My home equity line of credit is up for renewal (and I am not under water with it. far from it.) and they suddenly are demanding that I have $2 million dollars of invest-able assets held with them before they will renew the line of credit. It doesn't matter that I have my personal banking with them, that I pay the line down every month, and that I have been their loyal customer for 15+ years. I'm being blackmailed or tossed out like so much garbage. Terrible customer relations.

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SaraFerg's Profile Image

Reviewed by SaraFerg

Dec 23rd 2014

Henry Boice does a good job driving customers away

Unprofessional, rude, and poor customer service provided to us by Jane Nuggent. Afterwards, to top it all off, the branch manager, Henry Boice, tries to force my husband and I to shut our accounts since we weren't "satisfied with the level of service". Glad this bank employs unprofessional, incompetent, and useless employees who refuse to assist you or add any value, but simply sit and surf the web all day. We took our hundreds of thousands to Chase. Henry Boice, as a business professor myself, you do a great job warding off employees! Thanks for allowing us to chose Chase to store our hundreds of thousands of dollars. Northern trust and their incompetent employees don't deserve to utilize our cash.

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