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Schnucks Facility

915 West Main Street
Carbondale, IL 62901

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SUN Closed
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Schnucks Facility Customer Reviews

Fisher's Profile Image

Reviewed by Fisher

Jun 17th 2013

So bad I had to close my account and will never go back

I'm a college student trying to make my way through college on the GI bill, meaning money is always tight. They nickel and dime you for every penny they can with hidden fees they don't tell you about until it shows up. I've had loads of problems with fees showing up out of nowhere, overdrafts when my account clearly had money in it, and just overall rudeness of employees.

This was the final straw though: Me and my roommates had a joint account through them to pay all of our bills out of. The joint account got over drafted so they completely wiped out my personal bank account to cover the over draft. I went and spoke with the manager and told him the situation. I said "I understand that's how the system works, but I'm asking you to understand that I don't have a dollar to my name and I need to eat." He responded with "It sucks, but that's just the way the system works" and proceeded to tell me there was no person in the entire chain of command of the bank that could reverse the transaction and put money in my account. No person that can or no person that wants to bother with a college student that only had two-hundred dollars in his bank account? If I hadn't had a roommate to borrow money from, I would've literally had to go without food because of this bank. They don't give a damn about anything but their money.

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Old National Bank Customer Reviews

Adam G's Profile Image

Reviewed by Adam G

Nov 24th 2010

Great Customer Service

I have been with them for several years now since leaving Fifth Third Bank. I always appreciate the fabulous and personal customer service.

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Kathy R's Profile Image

Reviewed by Kathy R

Oct 28th 2010

Horrible Bank

Worst bank that I have ever had... They put things on "hold" that you can't see and then start bouncing checks! They don't offer any type of overdraft protection, so even though I have a couple of thousand dollars in the savings they still bounce the check and charge me $35 each! I will deposit my husbands payroll check and then go to the store... it will bounce. You don't have access to a payroll check for a full 24 hours! So they automatically assume that all checks are bad, including payroll checks written on business accounts. Which in turn does make my checks bad! It makes no sense whatsoever! Unfortunately I'm in a small town and we don't have too much of a choice, but I'm looking for an alternative.

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