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10 Mile/Meadowbrook Branch

Novi Neighborhood

41325 West Ten Mile Road
Novi, MI 48375

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SUN Closed
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Latest Customer Reviews

sailorgal's Profile Image

10 Mile/Meadowbrook branch reviewed by sailorgal

Oct 1st 2012

Worst Bank Ever

When PNC bought National City - I had no issues. My problem began when PNC migrated former National City customers to their system. I never received the original notification of the system change. I tried to pay online and my account was locked. No problem, called in to get it unlocked. Unfortunately, the CSR changed my password instead. I was able to get a second call in on the same day to unlock the account any pay my bill but I could not stop the process to change my password as the process was automated.

This was annoying but I could wait. When I went to pay my next bill, I still had not received the new password and it had to be reset again. I asked to be transferred to the pay by phone group but was told the wait time was too long for the CSR to stay on the line. I called several times in the next few days and could not make a payment online so I went to the local branch and they indicated that they could not take my credit card payment. I admittedly gave up and waited for the second new password. This arrived late and I missed a second payment by a day and my credit card was closed. All through this ordeal, I kept calling the Customer Service Center and received the usual

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