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10 Mile/Meadowbrook Branch

41325 West Ten Mile Road
Novi, MI, 48375

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SUN Closed
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10 Mile/Meadowbrook Customer Reviews

mrslavik's Profile Image

Reviewed by mrslavik

Jul 23rd 2013

Don't get loan or you will get higher rates and no refinance

Came to the bank asking for a car loan rates, told them year of the car, model, miles and every possible info about it on what they offered rates from as low as 2.5% to 4.5% depending on my credit score. They run my credit score and it came back on over 750 points which I assume a very good credit score. Couple days later I was at the dealership buying a car and filling up the papers without thinking about interest rate since 4.5% was the highest. Did it through PNC bank and got 8.4% With credit score over 750 and loan for only $5000 and did not expect this at all. I paid $10000 in cash for the car and wanted to finance $5000 which makes it total of $15000. Really? I didn't know any other banks and didn't want to deal with them, so I bough the car anyway hoping that I'm gonna go next day and find out where those 2.5 and 4.5% of interest rates. I went there next day and showed them my paper work. Lady at the bank was really surprised and called to find out what is going on. They told her that this is the way it will work. I came back 3 months later to refinance it and no luck on that. They told me, they cant do it. What a pile of bulls***! Since it was my first car I expected a high interest rate, but that's not what they told me at the bank, and even banker was surprised by that too. So, PNC forget about getting me loan again. There are plenty of banks out there that will be happy to assist me and give me a good deal on the loan. I know now where I'm not getting my next loan! I did not see any positive feedback here for pnc bank, so I assume I'm not the only on screwed here. PNC bank - You high! and your rates high too!

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Sarkisov's Profile Image

Reviewed by Sarkisov

Jul 23rd 2013

Liars! Worst and rude customer service

I'm from Wixom city in MI state and I don't know how this bank is still up after seeing all of those reviews. I had a car loan for $5000 that I took a year ago. About two weeks ago I came to the bank and paid off $1100 in cash to get my title or release lean from them since I needed to sell my car as soon as possible because I needed money at the moment. They told me that they can't provide tittle or release lean a the branch, and I have to wait 5-7 business days. I offered extra pay for faster service or fax so I can get it instantly or at least next day or so, but they told me that there is no such option and they can't fax it either, in fact it takes 24 hrs to insure that I paid off my loan. What kinda sick statement is that? They don't trust each other? I just paid off everything in cash, what other prove you need? I agreed to wait for it since they told me its gonna come in the mail in early part of the week, which normal person assume Mon-Wed or even Thu. Week has passed, today its been 2 weeks since I paid off my loan and still no tittle or release form. I called to find out what is going on there and was talking to a representative about it. He was rude to me and then put me on hold for a long period of time to get some information. I waited 25 minutes on hold and hang up the phone. I called again, to find out who I was speaking to and they wouldn't tell who it was. Then, they put me on hold for another 17 min and nothing, just a music that still playing in my head!!! Then I called to the branch and told them what happened and what they told me that my release form is still in Pennsylvania! What? I specifically asked for a faster service, since it was an emergency and what do I get? That is insane and immature of them! Shame on you PNC customer service. I know where I'm not getting my loan again now. In fact planing on closing my account and move to a better bank and better customer service! You lost my respect as you didn't have any for me!

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PNC Bank Customer Reviews

M_Hall's Profile Image

Reviewed by M_Hall

Sep 29th 2011

Wonderful People and Very Helpful

First, I just want to say that most people who post in these things have had issues with overdrawn accounts from their own mistakes, or are dealing with issues that come up in any bank (there are a lot of government regulation and practices that have to be followed) and these people tend to be angry from an isolated experience and want to vent.

I would like to just say that the PNC branch I go to in my neighborhood is wonderful. They all know my name, they are very friendly, and I call them when I have issues and they help me take care of things or answer questions for me. I am not unrealistic in my expectations, and am very pleased that they offer a rewards system for checking (Points) that most banks don't do anymore.

They don't charge me fees if I just overdraw my account a little (I think they girl said less than $5) and they do still offer free checking with no minimum balance and they don't charge for PNC atms, statements, or other little things. In fact, since I have a direct deposit into my checking I actually even get all my non-pnc atm fees refunded! I think I also get free checks on my account too. My bank before PNC charged me for everything. I have the virtual wallet account and it is much more interactive then my old bank's (Chase) online banking. I can also make deposits from my phone, which is very nice considering I travel a lot.

Overall, I think people need to remember that banks are a business, but some do it better than others. PNC doesn't nickle and dime me to death and they offer superior products like virtual wallet. I also know I can get help from my local branch really easily. I really appreciate that fact.

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