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Jersey City Branch

Colgate Center Neighborhood

One Exchange Place
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Customer service

Branch Hours
SUN Closed
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Latest Customer Reviews

JerroldT's Profile Image

Jersey City branch reviewed by JerroldT

May 29th 2013

Totally Unacceptable

Deposited my payroll check via the atm on Thursday, as always. The check is dated for the following day, and will not process prior to that day. I received a call at the end of the banking day from the branch manager, clinton, stating that my check was being sent to a clearinghouse and would be returned to my employer, as it was 'postdated. ' i inquired as to why this was suddenly a problem, and indicated that this was a payroll check. This caused me to have to have another payroll check cut-taking an additional 3 days of leg work, gas, etc. The following day i noticed that the initial check had in fact been processed and deposited. I was told that this money was due to be removed from my account and should not be touched, as my employer would be receiving the returned check. Long story short, both checks were processed, and my employer questions my integrity. Wasted my gas, and caused a great deal of hardship. Pnc has yet to resolve the issue, and is losing 2 customers over it.

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