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Shadyside Branch


5601 Walnut Street
Pittsburgh, PA, 15232

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SUN Closed
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Shadyside Customer Reviews

smm161's Profile Image

Reviewed by smm161

Jan 6th 2014

The Worst!

I bank with a very small credit union in my hometown, but decided to move on to PNC so transactions would be quicker and smoother with the developed online banking system. Well, that was a mistake. The amount of time it takes for a transaction to go through is ridiculous. I tried to transfer money from my credit union the day I opened the account and it told me to wait three to five business days for it to activate. Fine, but then when it finally did active (five days later) I tried to transfer money and it said "Wait three to five business days for your transaction to complete." That money left my credit union immediately, but NEVER posted to my pnc account. I spoke with several representative, but they all just kept telling me to wait three to five more business days. After four weeks of a completely useless bank account and poor customer service I finally decided to cancel my account. Not only were they rude about that, but they had the nerve to charge be an "early cancellation fee" even though the account had NEVER BEEN USED because I waited FOUR WEEKS for a single transaction. Don't be fooled into thinking a big bank is better.

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PNC Bank Customer Reviews

M_Hall's Profile Image

Reviewed by M_Hall

Sep 29th 2011

Wonderful People and Very Helpful

First, I just want to say that most people who post in these things have had issues with overdrawn accounts from their own mistakes, or are dealing with issues that come up in any bank (there are a lot of government regulation and practices that have to be followed) and these people tend to be angry from an isolated experience and want to vent.

I would like to just say that the PNC branch I go to in my neighborhood is wonderful. They all know my name, they are very friendly, and I call them when I have issues and they help me take care of things or answer questions for me. I am not unrealistic in my expectations, and am very pleased that they offer a rewards system for checking (Points) that most banks don't do anymore.

They don't charge me fees if I just overdraw my account a little (I think they girl said less than $5) and they do still offer free checking with no minimum balance and they don't charge for PNC atms, statements, or other little things. In fact, since I have a direct deposit into my checking I actually even get all my non-pnc atm fees refunded! I think I also get free checks on my account too. My bank before PNC charged me for everything. I have the virtual wallet account and it is much more interactive then my old bank's (Chase) online banking. I can also make deposits from my phone, which is very nice considering I travel a lot.

Overall, I think people need to remember that banks are a business, but some do it better than others. PNC doesn't nickle and dime me to death and they offer superior products like virtual wallet. I also know I can get help from my local branch really easily. I really appreciate that fact.

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harrison3370's Profile Image

Reviewed by harrison3370

Jan 6th 2014

Attempt to cash in a mature U S Savings Bond

I am not a customer of PNC but my wife is. When she visited the local PNC branch to make a withdrawal I accompanied her because I had a mature US Savings Bond to cash in. She made her withdrawal but they would not redeem my bond because I was not a customer. My wife's name is on the bond as the POD name. When I die my wife can take the same bond back to the same bank and they will be happy to redeem it.

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