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Prosperity Bank Branch

Water Street Branch

500 N. Water St., Suite 100
Corpus Christi, TX, 78401

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Prosperity Bank Customer Reviews

bbgage's Profile Image

Reviewed by bbgage

Feb 4th 2014

Customer for 13 years

We started with a local bank that was taken over by Prosperity Bank several years ago. Since that time, we have just had a checking account with them. The only change that I have experienced with the bank is that there are a lot more branches available to me. But since I still bank at the same location for the most part, they know me and I have never had a problem with a transaction. I do much of my banking online and receive all of my statements online.

I can get a certified check with minimal trouble, wait, and cost. The bank rarely puts a hold on a deposit, but if it does, it is usually for only 3 business days. Once they have experience with the payor on the deposit, the bank will cease putting on a hold.

Prosperity Bank has had the attributes of a small town bank in its dealings with me.

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RWAusTex's Profile Image

Reviewed by RWAusTex

Feb 6th 2014

Bank Draft $62K Bounced

I thought this was Prosperity bank fault but it was teller at my bank who said it was okay for a check to husband and self as

his business, also on check, to be deposited with one signature by him with "dBa" business. So my bank caused a bounce from another bank. Only in America?? Or just an ill informed teller at Frost?

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wog5050's Profile Image

Reviewed by wog5050

Sep 29th 2013

worst ever

will change banks as soon as possible. they do not care anymore. customer for over 20 years and now i don't care anymore.

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