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Yoakum Branch

601 Lott Street
Yoakum, TX 77995

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Prosperity Bank Customer Reviews

bbgage's Profile Image

Reviewed by bbgage

Feb 4th 2014

Customer for 13 years

We started with a local bank that was taken over by Prosperity Bank several years ago. Since that time, we have just had a checking account with them. The only change that I have experienced with the bank is that there are a lot more branches available to me. But since I still bank at the same location for the most part, they know me and I have never had a problem with a transaction. I do much of my banking online and receive all of my statements online.

I can get a certified check with minimal trouble, wait, and cost. The bank rarely puts a hold on a deposit, but if it does, it is usually for only 3 business days. Once they have experience with the payor on the deposit, the bank will cease putting on a hold.

Prosperity Bank has had the attributes of a small town bank in its dealings with me.

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zurbrick's Profile Image

Reviewed by zurbrick

Sep 26th 2013

Normally very good..have done business with them for 25 years

We recently took out a pool loan for a portion of our pool. We were paying some and the majority was to come from The Bank. We could have wrote a check for it but decided to use our local bank and use it for tax purposes. Initially when I called to inquire what the procedures were about getting a loan I was told it would be really simple as long as we had equity in our home and good credit. I ask the cost to take out the loan we was told that it would be just a filling fee about 80 dollars from Cathy XXXX . So I thought well that was fair. But after it was all done it was $575 they had to do a complete Home Inspection Market Value etc. Now mind you we just moved in the house 2 years ago so why would we need all this. Well to get a 2nd mortgage. There again I was not told I would have a 2nd lien on our house. But okay so we went ahead and did the loan. Now after we finally get the approval which seemed like we had to do an application for a mortgage. we start our pool. After signing all the papers with not the person who did our loan, but someone who was clueless to what we was even signing we find out after several weeks that the pool company isn't getting paid for anything! So they are holding the money up because they want US to write a check for our portion first. No one told us anything that we needed to pay first! That is because when we signed papers for the loan the had an inexperience person doing it. Ridiculous! Now here is the problem we signed papers with the pool company for us to do our payment last. So now we have signed over all the draws except ours and we no longer are in control of the money. Since we are more than half way through the build. I would never get a loan from prosperity again! They have no clue how to handle a loan.

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PhillipSmith's Profile Image

Reviewed by PhillipSmith

Nov 20th 2011

Prosperity bank of Hempstead is absolutely the worst Bank

I would never suggest anyone opening an account with this bank. My father-in-law was a patient at a nursing home, and the bank allowed other individuals to access his bank account with out his permission. Prosperity Bank would not let my father-in-law have access to his own account. Thank god for Harris County Guardianship for stepping in. Even when a Harris County Judge ordered the bank to freeze the account, money was still allowed to be taken out by other individuals (Harris county Court 9, Case 402988). My father-in-law's judge appointed guardian was treated very badly by Prosperity Bank's employees, my wife and I were also treated very rudely.. If you have an account with this bank, consider moving to a more professional bank. Please copy and paste this to other sites....

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