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Carrollton Main Branch

777 South Park Street
Carrollton, GA, 30117

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SUN Closed
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Carrollton Main Customer Reviews

Courtb6's Profile Image

Reviewed by Courtb6

Oct 5th 2012

The Worst Ever

I have had regions for a year now and i must say this is the worst banking experience i have ever had. I have been on the phone with regions bank now for 3 days trying to locate over $600 from their new popmoney. Com bank transfer system. Apparently this is the only way you can transfer money between banks now. According to the sales rep. After being inadequately instructed on how use this popmoney website i had to cancel the transfer transaction... But where is my $600? Apparently lost in cyber space. I will be closing my regions account and switching back to bank of american or even wells fargo. Might i add. Regions needs to step up it game. Many of the branches are out of date and dont even have a drive up atm!!!! I feel like im in the 80's

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Regions Bank Customer Reviews

hydradrr's Profile Image

Reviewed by hydradrr

Jul 31st 2014

I love their service and treatment

I have being with this branch for about 7 or 8 years, never had an issue with them , my personal banker Mary has always treated us like if we owned the bank. My kids , wife, and self have our personal and business accounts with this branch , and they have always gone out of their ways to make sure we are satisfied . I have nothing negative to say about their service

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Gregory C's Profile Image

Reviewed by Gregory C

Nov 3rd 2010

Online Banking Account Details can't be trusted to accurately track spending.....

Regions Bank, in my opinion, seems like it deliberately does not list all of my transactions in the "Pending Transactions" just so it can have a reason to charge me an overdraft fee because I do not have an account with a significant amount of excess funds in it and hoped I could get a small amount of help until the next month with minimal fees. I also feel that someone thinks I am going to use the money they do not show as being deducted for new transactions. A situation has already arisen when I was charged NSF fees that I would not have been charged if the normal procedure the bank had been using since the account was opened had been used on that particular day. I was given a partial refund of the fees, but I was still out of $35.00 that I should not have been. Also, I was told that I was eligible for Standard Overdraft Protection, but all checks I wrote were returned. On top of that, they were returned a total of three (3) times costing me over $300 - again, a set of fees that should not have been. So, this bank is not on my good side, not that it really matters. And, it can never do anything that will change the way I feel. I have already stated to the BBB that I will never be satisfied with the bank's decision - and, I am still not satisfied, even after the partial refund.

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