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College Drive Branch


3003 College Drive
Baton Rouge, LA, 70808

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SUN Closed
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College Drive Customer Reviews

beckilen's Profile Image

Reviewed by beckilen

Sep 27th 2011

Worst Bank Ever, Run Put Money In Mattress!

I woke up this morning to a $216 nsf fee. Now, i have 3 accts with regions. I have a household acct, a bill acct and a savings acct. I work pt and have a family. Times are hard don't get me wrong as i'm sure they are for many. I balance to the penny everyday. But last night i checked my acct late due to running around, homeschooling, work, life, etc i realized that we were going to be short on funds in the household acct so i moved money from the bill acct which always has extra to the household acct. I moved enough over to cover the transactions and have a few dollars left over. This was done at 7:30 at night. Apparantly regions has a cut off time for crediting transfers... Go figure cut off for electronic transfers! They have no problem with taking out money immediately but can't credit it immediately. So of course i call regions this morning. I was already mad because they are penalizing me for not having a total of $1000 deposits in that acct so i'll be charged $10 per month and $4 per month just to have a debit card. I never carry cash and i never write checks so i depend on that debit card, but i digress.. Anyway, i called customer service, what a joke first of all the girl is mumbling like she needed a cup of coffee. She couldn't help at all so i asked to speak to her supervisor. The super was just as mumbly as the girl before. And very blunt. She said "it is your responsiblity to monitor your acct and to be aware that there is a cut off time for fund transfers. " well that did it. I went off. She said the only thing she could do is credit me back half of the nsf fee. So they still made $108 off of me. I'm telling you folks. If you want to keep your money put it in your mattress. Regions is all about fees and bad customer service. As soon as i can i'm closing these accts out. They will not make $14 a mnth off of me in service charges. I work hard for my money and shouldn't be penalized for the time of day that i'm able to bal my acct. Or to have a debit card!

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Regions Bank Customer Reviews

hydradrr's Profile Image

Reviewed by hydradrr

Jul 31st 2014

I love their service and treatment

I have being with this branch for about 7 or 8 years, never had an issue with them , my personal banker Mary has always treated us like if we owned the bank. My kids , wife, and self have our personal and business accounts with this branch , and they have always gone out of their ways to make sure we are satisfied . I have nothing negative to say about their service

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fldl's Profile Image

Reviewed by fldl

Jul 8th 2011

They nickel and dime your accounts

nickel and dime, my account at twice the interest rate of other banks

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