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One Pilgrim Hill Road Branch

One Pilgrim Hill Road
Plymouth, MA, 02360

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Rockland Trust Company Customer Reviews

Tacoma208's Profile Image

Reviewed by Tacoma208

Jan 30th 2014


I have been a customer for years and they are the best bank I have ever worked with. They are all so helpful and they always greet me like family. The woman there are so cheerful and welcoming. I tell everyone if they are looking for a great bank with no fees this is the one to choose. They are excellent to work with and very professional and really care.

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tomic's Profile Image

Reviewed by tomic

Feb 9th 2012

The Best Bank I Have Ever Used

I have had banking "relationships" over the years with a number of local and regional banks. Most have been ok or predatory with really nothing in between. You all know the ones i would classify as predatory with their built in systems to generate fees and charges, all for the privilege of holding on to our hard earned money. Rockland trust is different in most areas. They are a locally owned bank that wants to stay independent and they operate their business in a very traditional sense.

They are very customer service focused, whether that be in their branches (tellers smile, can you believe that? ) or their 800 number (where they are genuinely interested in helping). They also don't hit you up for fees every time you turn around, this makes me want to do more business with them which is why i have all of my personal accounts as well as my small business accounts with them. I have referred anyone and everyone i had the opportunity to speak to to encourage them to switch to rockland trust and i hear nothing but praise when they experience the difference.

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sjs2013's Profile Image

Reviewed by sjs2013

Apr 26th 2013


This bank has placed me into a program I did not sign up for. It has cost me thousands of dollars. They are thieves.

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