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Beacon Street Branch

Downtown Neighborhood

One Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02108

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SUN Closed
SAT Closed
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Latest Customer Reviews

PTerra's Profile Image

Beacon Street branch reviewed by PTerra

May 16th 2014

Not very good since switching from Sovereign to Santander

Where to begin? I had a retirement account at Sovereign which allowed me to have a Premier Account. After Sovereign switched to Santander, I was getting charged $30 monthly maintenance fees because I was told, Santander did not recognize Sovereign's investment accounts. So, to the Beacon Street branch I went (in February) to sign all new paperwork to correct this issue. And yet, not only am I still getting charged the $30 monthly maintenance fee, but also the new investment account reflects all zero balances while my former Sovereign investment account, which Santander does not recognize, is still open.

Two months ago I called [Redacted] to ask him to please take care of this, but he did not. Over a month ago I called him again, he said he would look into it and call me back. Here I am, over a month later, and I am still waiting for that call. I am still getting $30 monthly maintenance fees. I think it is time to switch banks. Oh, and as an aside, I had a dormant account that should have been closed but I never got around to it, and Santander withdrew three month's worth of monthly maintenance fees ($90) to cover the cost of future monthly maintenance fees from that account.

When I asked [Redacted], the branch manager about it, he said he would look into it. He never did. I called about two months later to inquire about his alleged "search," and he actually said to me that it was I who had made the transfers! If you are thinking about opening an account with Santander, don't. They make promises they don't keep, they say they will correct a problem but then they don't bother, they say they will figure out why something keeps happening, but they really don't.

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LadyLiberty's Profile Image

Beacon Street branch reviewed by LadyLiberty

Mar 1st 2014

EXTRA20 Checking is a HOAX -- don't fall for it

Don't let them talk you into opening an EXTRA20 checking -- you are supposed to get $20 deposited into your savings every month for having two direct deposits over $1500 and paying two bills via their online epay. Well, its been three months and even though I have done *everything* required according to their rules, so far NO $20! Not once.

I have called customer service 3 times. The first time I was told it would be corrected. Now they say I don't qualify, even though I exceeded the requirements every month.

So in reality its just a hoax to get you to sign on. I am moving my accounts to another bank. Who would trust these guys with their money?????

If there was a "minus 20" option on the ranking I would give it.

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nwebster's Profile Image

Beacon Street branch reviewed by nwebster

Jun 3rd 2013

Very poor business customer service. Opened an account 5/10 still waiting on online banking information and atm card

Have already started the process of closing the account and it is not 30 days old. Ask for manager to call back, always told is on another line and will return call which is never returned.

Have switched my $15 million dollar account to Bank of America. Excellent customer service!

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