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Smith County Branch

100 Rice Road
Tyler, TX 75703

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SUN Closed
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Southside Bank Customer Reviews

Baker's Profile Image

Reviewed by Baker

Mar 19th 2012

Terrible Customer Service At The Broadway Drive Through

Horrible, horrible, horrible. I have experienced terrible customer service from the commercial drive through several times!There is too much competition to put up with their rude customer service.

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strykermedic08's Profile Image

Reviewed by strykermedic08

Aug 10th 2013


my mother passed away February 24, 2012, before that my husband and I had opened a checking account. Months later, it was found that my previous husband and I had an account that still had a balance owed, a little over $700.00. It was over ten years ago. They attatched to my new checking account.

My mother passed away leaving me the beneficiary of the account, now I was in too much shock to check, but she had insurance on the home( had gotten a mortgage years earlier). I went to the bank with her death certificate,. I was told 1) if I took over the loan they would put the "house" in my name and 2) the same thing about her car.... Later on I checked with an attorney who told me they had no authority to do that. I retained that attorney ( that is a whole other bad story) but what he said was true. Later on that year, they attatched the money still owed from the checking account I had with my ex husband onto the mortgage of the house, and threatened to accelerate the loan if not paid. Somehow I managed to pay it, though my husband and myself both OIF veterans, lived off, literally boiled water and beans, No bread, no niceties, and thrifty nickels for toilet

paper. However we have seen hell itself, so hey I had a carpet to sleep on and no shells going off all day and night. So it was tolerable.

Now, I have been making cash payments, as they will not let me use my debit card. They keep loosing those so I keep reminding them. Now due to financial issues, I had to let the house payment go for two months, and they charged me for five months of behind payments, threatened me again. I offered to pay it off by re opening a savings account, as the other had been charged off, allegedly, so I could use my Chase card to pay. They told me I still owed money on that account, WTH ! I know I am not the only person they have done this too and I want to bring this institution to light, to all the other Veterans and their Supporter, as to how this bank really manages its customers.

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