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Olio Road Branch

Saxony Village

13318 Olio Road
Fishers, IN 46037

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SUN Closed
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Star Financial Bank Customer Reviews

Dohl's Profile Image

Reviewed by Dohl

Sep 8th 2011


We have a mortgage through Star Financial, and in the past year they've really dropped the ball, making enormous errors in handling our mortgage escrow account. Not only did they fail completely to make our hazard insurance payment causing us a huge headache (we didn't find the error until our house had been uninsured for 90 days), but they also made a $797 error in our escrow analysis. At this point, after countless phone calls to the mortgage supervisor, we've still not had a satisfactory response. They just don't seem to care and have repeatedly demonstrated that they are not to be trusted to manage our finances.

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Daryl J's Profile Image

Reviewed by Daryl J

Sep 10th 2010

Good people, horrible service and lack of communication

I have been with star financial for almost a year. We were recommended strongly by many friends and family as a great place with good people. After getting to know some of the higher ups, we decided it would be a good local bank to move our accounts to and get away from the mega banks that needed a bailout. We started small, basic savings and checking account. The teller experience and experience of the local branches always seemed good. They try really hard to remember names and people and do a good job of the basics. We decided to continue our relationship with them and get our first mortgage through them. That is where the relationship went bad. We went through prequalification process, and that was fine, but then as we neared the closing date, they started pushing dates back. We couldn’t get emails or phone calls returned, we even had to send them their own internal documents to underwriting, that the loan advisor had already sent but they lost.

I know from people, who work there that this experience is rare, but it happened and climbing the ladder to get results didn’t work. No one cared, and they didn’t seem to value the relationship they had with us anymore. Extremely disappointing! The basic core of any bank is customer service, when we needed it the most, they failed epically. They continue to push their financial advisory service and insurance. I won’t be giving any more of our money there.

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Nathan's Profile Image

Reviewed by Nathan

Mar 19th 2013

Star Caused Financial Hardship On My Family

I obtained a business loan through star financial. The business was unsucessful and had to close. Star financial sued me and garnished my wages for $1,000/ month not leaving enough money to provide for my family so we had to depend upon relatives. New slogan suggestion: star financial: your kids went hungry but at least we got our money.

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