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Boca Raton/Powerline Branch

21845 Powerline Road
Boca Raton, FL, 33433

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Boca Raton/Powerline Customer Reviews

stanpierce's Profile Image

Reviewed by stanpierce

Dec 30th 2013


outdoor tellers are efficient & courteous. indoor is just fine.

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Jjbocagirl's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jjbocagirl

Apr 2nd 2013


They charge you and can't even prove you went negative on your account unless you go into a branch. They have terrible customer service. I waited on hold for 30min to be told that they are charging me $35 because they held $60 of my cash deposit for a business day. I used to love this bank but now I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy.

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Unsatisfied's Profile Image

Reviewed by Unsatisfied

Jan 21st 2012

The Most Unconvenient Bank On The Earth!

Td bank took over our local mercantile bank (which we had an account for over 2 decades), they took 6 months to approve an extension on our heloc, ruined our credit in the process and now wants $6000 a month as payback. Really, really?! I only hope i have front row seats when karma comes back on this bank! Cannot wait to move all my money. If there was a negative rating, this bank would get it from me!

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